| the small things that only can make you smile on a weekend |

Hellooo everyone !

As I start my new venture tomorrow, I’ve been thinking about all the little things that (even from working from home) make me happy on a Sunday.

So kick back with your cuppa, grab a snack or brunch, and have a warm fuzzy read.

– Sleeping in 
– Having brunch over TV boxsets
– Staying in your comfies all day
– A hot bath or shower with your nice products
– Also, a pamper evening
– Painting your nails
– Reading blogs and Vogue
– Baking some treats for the week
– Enjoying some quiet time
– All the classic movies shown on Channel 5
– Disney Marathons
– Planning a fresh start to a new week
– Looking back at what you’ve achieved so far in the week
– Snuggle time
– Light evenings which make Monday feel further away
– Dark Evenings that make you want to get under the blanket and wriggle down into bed with hot chocolate or tea
– Another day with people you care about

What is your favourite thing about Sunday ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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