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Helloooo everyone !

Another month has flown by, a lot has happened and a lot is still coming up even though I don’t want to be in the last quarter of 2014 just yet.
This month’s favourites range from music to make-up to food, so let’s start having a look at what made the cut.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Hand Cream – A true hand saviour, it’s repaired my hands massively and at a bargain price too see here 
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle – This is my ‘lips but better’ shade; read my review here !
X by Ed Sheeran – I am yet to come across someone who dislikes Ed’s new album. It’s bloomin marvelous and really shows thought and emotion – perfectly produced
Essie ‘The Girls are Out’ and ‘Shake Your $$ Maker’ Nail Polish – Another TK Maxx bargain; I found my perfect green finally (Shake Your $$ Maker) and it’s very ‘woah’ bright which I love. TGAO is perfect for your toes and even though it has a hint of sparkle, it’s very unnoticeable
Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colour – an Amelia Liana induced purchase because a) I love the colour it’s exactly what I needed, b) Amelia’s word is one I take religiously, and C) I have an obsession with any nail polish. It seriously stays 7 days and longer if you apply top coat every few days, so go get it now ! Looking at the collection now I could buy it all….
I Love…Lemons and Limes Moisturiser – y’all know the drill. Lemony goodness, much moisturising. Read my lemon induced review here

Chia Seeds have been a staple to my breakfasts and smoothies this month again, when on a recent shop we decided to invest again in health foods I enjoyed. It’s made me fuller longer and tastes awesome with my porridge concoction in the early hours
Almonds, you’ll find me snacking on these all day every day. I know they’re high in fat etc. but it’s good fats and they’re seriously good to curb a hunger pang and taste so yummy. I wish they weren’t so expensive but that won’t stop me (unless restrained)
Spirulina is a new try this month, and on it’s own it’s a bit….hmm. But mixed into your smoothie or some orange juice and you’ll be feeling all spritly until you hit bedtime. 2 Tbsps between meals is supposed to help aid weight loss so it’s an option for those out there looking for something quick to drink between meals to help spur on the body.

So that’s my monthly faves, I already have some great contenders for next month so keep checking back 😉 Don’t forget to follow my social media in the links below too !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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