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Helloooo everyone !

It’s that time of year when you’ve either left school and are off on a party holiday, or it’s your annual vacay away abroad and it’s time to find all the things you will need to make life a bit more fabulous.

A holiday or time in sun requires some absolute musts, so I’ve gathered up my holiday essentials that will make me feel and look good by the pool.

1. Suncream
We all know that sunburn and sun protection is no joke now, we have to protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays however much we want that tan. For me, 30 is the lowest I’ll use to prevent burning and sometimes 50+ in absolute heat and on my knees because they always go brown first which is really weird. Garnier is the brand that my skin likes most and light sprays and creams don’t irritate me so I always use those abroad. The Clear Protect is good for a quick spray of bits, but for all over cover I’d suggest a spray lotion or cream such as the Moisturising Protection Spray.

2. Foundation / Tinted Moisturiser / BB Cream
I don’t really like to wear foundation on holiday as it goes cakey and I hate feeling all covered up in the sun. However in the evenings it’s nice to make an effort and help that glow to radiate, so an SPF base will keep you protected and provide a light coverage. I truly believe less is more on holiday, let your skin breathe a glow so a BB Cream is best. If you don’t have a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser (like me, oops) you can mix a product such as the MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation with your daily moisturiser.

3. Nail Varnish
Wearing bright neon or pastel shades really perks me up, even before my holiday. You instantly look browner, it gets you feeling all summery and bright, and there’s so many shades to choose from you can have a new colour everyday ! I love the Revlon Neon in 110 High Voltage, and the Model’s Own Polish For Tans –  I need Bikini in my life.

4. Nourishing Lip Balm
A good nourishing lip balm – preferably with SPF – will keep your lips protected too from the elements. I love the Fresh Inc. Sugar Advanced Treatment Lip Balm, and although it doesn’t have SPF it’s very moisturising. The rest of the range includes nude shades with SPF too and are so worth the price.

5. Bright Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks are my favourite, and bold shades particularly look fabulous against a glow. If you’re going for a hint of colour on your lips, I’d suggest a bright orange such as MAC Morange or a pink like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong – you’ll look fab in all those pictures !

6. Cover-up and Bikini
Always, always pack a swimsuit or bikini ! There will be a chance to catch some rays, plus sometimes bikini tops are comfier than bras – multi-purpose packing. A nice light cover-up will keep you looking stylish whilst protecting you from the heat; it also stops people giving you weird looks when you walk through a hotel in just your bikini and mental scorning you as the ‘naked child’. I’ve had that look. My favourite bikini is one from Urban Outfitters (similar here) and a cover-up a nabbed at Sainsbury’s ! (similar here 1 2)

Obviously there are loads of other essentials which I’ll cover in my ‘Packing Essentials‘ post – oooh there’s a list involved and I love lists ! So, keep your eyes peeled here for that 😉

Even though I’m yet to go away this year, these are pretty much essentials for any trip and should always be in your travel bag when you’re off about for a few days in the sun. They won’t take up too much room and will all get used, so put away some of those safety tops and make sure you get in your bright lippy and SPF !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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