| a reflection on this amazing past year of blogging ! |

Hellooooo everyone !

Today is officially one year since I started blogging from this site; I have had it longer but never used it as school got in the way (if only I’d known better !).

Since then, I’ve documented my trips to America, facts about myself and some random thoughts before making the leap into full-time blogging late last December. From that decision I have had some amazing opportunities – being featured in COMPANY Magazine, getting nominated for Blog of the Month, working with fashion brands, and even simply making some friends through my writing.

I’ve been able to build my skills in baking and cooking, learn more about good skincare and brands, and write about things that are important to me. The healthy lifestyle I’m living might not be as creative without weekly recipes and online inspiration so I have a lot to thank for from this little space of internet.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog, who follows and comments regularly, and who have taken just a small hint of inspiration away with them. My main goal has always been to inspire, so if I’ve done that then I can sit in my bed at night with a bigger smile on my face than before.

I really hope to see this blog grow and become really amazing – I have so many goals and plans for what I see my future to be and I am hoping that Britton Loves becomes everything I want it to. I have so much planned, so many ideas and things I want to try, so keep coming back to us at BLHQ and I promise you 1) won’t go hungry as I’m always making delicious recipes 2) be short of good skincare inspiration , and 3) be disappointed on my weekly musings about things in life, be it what makes me happy to discussing body ideals and lifestyles.

I’m here to make a change and to being a little bit of love and light to everyone’s day, and thank you to everyone who’s allowed me to do so. Reading my first proper dedicated post a year ago shows there’s stuff that’s changed, stayed the same, and still to be done so I’m excited to see what the future holds.

See you soon for more,

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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