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Helloooo everyone !

As much as I love baking, I’m also interested in nutrition and things that will keep me healthy in an easy way through the day, and one of the absolute best and easy things to keep your system clean and detoxed is flavoured water.

Water is absolutely essential to keep your body and brain hydrated, your skin clear and your digestive system flowing. Many magazines and health experts rave about lemon water – which is really great and tastes lovely, plus even though it is treated as an acid it is actually an alkalizer which will cleanse your stomach – however too much lemon for me makes my skin and mouth go a bit weird, I find it too drying if I drink it everyday, so I instead drink Cucumber water.

Since drinking tonnes of this last year in LA, I have been obsessed with how good it tastes, and how great it is at banishing the bloat. It’s a much sweeter taste than lemon, and what’s fun is at the end of the day you can just eat the cucumber !

To share my love of cucumber water, I’ve complied a more detailed list of why you should start drinking it too, and how it will help your body.

– Water keeps you hydrated (obviously) and makes your skin look clear, glowing and youthful, plus cucumber (with the peel on) contains antioxidents so it’s a pretty easy way to get your daily does of beauty.
– Cucumber also contains Vitamin K which will help your bones grow stronger-er !
– Cucumber is a natural duretic which helps get rid of excess water and bloating in your stomach, plus it makes water taste sweeter and fills you up; result.
– There’s loads of potassium in cucumber too which regulates blood pressure and good function of your cells and muscles.
– Linking back to muscles, cucumber contains silica which keeps connective muscle tissue healthy and working, plus it helps rebuild brittle nails – always a winner for me !
– For those of you who love a cheeky drink, this is a perfect hangover cure after a heavy night.

To make delicious cucumber water, you can either leave a good chunk of it sliced up in a 1Ltr bottled overnight or make a fresh cup on the day, allow the cucumber to steep whilst you busy yourself and then add some ice and enjoy ! If you fancy it, you can also add in some lemons, limes, raspberries and other fruits to create your own flavours to enjoy and share at picnics or lunch.

Do you drink detox water ? Would you drink cucumber water ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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