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Helloooo everyone !

You all know by now that I’m a big smoothie lover, and it’s a great way to get in several portions of fruit and veg through the day – plus a good way of using up the fruit you don’t want to eat (a slightly squishy and unpleasant strawberry, blend it away !

Smoothies are packed with goodness, but there are extra supplements and nutrients you can add in to pump up the running of your body.

Spirulina – a pond algae which tastes a bit ‘oo-er’ on it’s own, but blended into a green smoothie it will make it absolutely vibrant green, and also give you a high dose of nearly every nutrient including protein and omega fatty acids. Perfect for vegetarians.

Chia Seed – protein, fibre, amino acids, minerals, iron, antioxidents…the list goes on for what theses little seeds can do for you. Three tablespoons will add a thicker consistency to your shake, and also help prevent heart problems !

Flax Seed – these play a big role in cardiovascular and immune system health, support joint function and soft skin . They’re great at helping to remove toxins from the body, and will add a slight nutty taste to your drink.

Wheatgrass – one shot of this stuff provides you with all your B Vitamins – along with beta carotene, folic acid, magnesium etc. – and has the largest amount of chlorophyll inside. What does that mean ? It means it’s basically liquid sunshine – saves spending money on a holiday (although that is nice).

Protein Powder – a great way to get protein in without eating meat if you are veggie/vegan. If you workout a lot, a protein smoothie will help replenish your muscles and make them stronger after hitting the gym. There are many varieties of protein powder including a range by Pulsin which includes Soya, Hemp and Pea varieties !

Acai Berries – these popular berries help promote focus and energy in your system, so are great for breakfast and a mid-afternoon smoothie hit. Pronouces ‘uh-sigh-ee’, they have an almost chocolate edge which will give sweetness to a fruit or more vegetable based smoothie.

Avocado – Yes you can chuck these in a smoothie too ! Their fully ripened creamy texture makes it brilliant for a think and filling smoothie, and are full of heart loving fats to keep you going strong.

Camu Powder – this will give you your daily dose and more of Vitamin C – and only from one tablespoon too ! Great at fighting off colds and making your skin look so fresh and so clean, clean.

I like to add Spirulina to a Mango, Spinach, Lemon and Kale Juice/Smoothie as it makes it an awesome green colour and keeps me full during a day of work, plus Chia is awesome in an Almond Milk, Strawberry, Ginger and Banana Smoothie as it thickens the texture to a creamy delight whilst sweetening it up too.

Have you ever tried these powder supplements ? Are you a big smoothie maker ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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