Helloooo everyone !!

I have a real treat for you today ohhhh yes. Now I don’t eat a lot of treat stuff really but sometimes you just want a little itty bit of chocolate. Milk chocolate and Cadbury’s just doesn’t cut it and after finding no emergency dark chocolate in the fridge (we’ve really not eaten chocolate for ages) I decided to crack out my new bag of cacao and have a go at making my own.

Surprisingly, making your own chocolate is delicious – and also more cost effective, healthy and satisfying as you put all your hard work in to make it so having that extra smidge of a piece is deserved.

Here’s what you’ll need….

1/3 Cup Cacao (you can use 2/3 cup which makes the chocolate fully raw – woooo !!) | 1/3 Cup High Percent Cocoa Powder | 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

1/3 Tbsp of Maca Powder | 3 Tbsp Agave Nectar | 1/3 Cup of Hazelnuts, Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds (you can adjust to taste) | 1/4 Cup Cranberries

1. Melt the coconut oil in a bain-marie; make sure you remove from the heat as soon as it is melted as it keeps the texture nice and yummy.

2. Slowly add and stir in the cacao, cocoa and maca powder. Do this a bit at a time so there are no lumps and it’s all combined.

3. To sweeten, add in the agave nectar and swirl into a sweet deliciousness !

4. Pour in half the nuts and seeds. This makes sure that there is bulk to the chocolate and it will set stable if you spread it out thin.

If you are not already hungry, prepare yourself for a quick gif of chocolate being poured.

Ooooh all that good stuff just moulding into a delicious bar mmmmm.

5. Spread it out into a square shape, as thick or thin as you like. Don’t worry about it being neat, you’ll be chopping it up anyway !

6. Sprinkle the remaining nuts and cranberries over the top, and lightly press them in so they stick.

7. Allow the chocolate to set in the fridge for over 30 mins, or put it in the freezer if you’re keen for a piece !

8. YAY it’s ready ! Now to cut into pieces. As a foreword, when you pick up a piece it will start to melt on your fingers quick as it is made with coconut oil. This is common, don’t panic, just another excuse to eat it pronto 😉

Perfect after dinner, a mid-afternoon snack, or to wow at a party.

This is seriously the nicest chocolate, we wolfed it down so quick and all our friends loved it too. It’s simple and easy to make, the ingredients are easy to find and you can make it your own. If you fancy making mini chocolates, you could use a silicon ice-cube tray or for larger chunks a silicon cupcake tray. I used our heart shaped one for cute nibbles !

Let me know if you enjoyed this recipe and if you’ll be giving it a go in the comments below. Have you ever tried making chocolate before, and what are you fave combos ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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