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Hellooo everyone !

First off, I’ve had my hair chopped short. I have been craving a short ‘do since…pretty much everyone started getting their hair chopped off this season and also since trawling through Pinterest looking at hair – curses you Pinterest for your influential nature ! It is a lot lighter and I feel a lot more mature and sophisticated with my on-trend waves 😉 or maybe that’s just me.

It seems hair is in the air at the mo, as Search LabsHouse of Fraser contacted me to create some festival hair’dos to inspire you this season. If you’re off to V, Latitude, Bestival or maybe a festival abroad, take some inspo from these four looks and you’ll look so good in all your instagram snaps.

To start off, you’ll want to make sure your hair is in tip-top shape to last a few days camping (or glamping if you’re lucky) and will look good throughout the gig. I make sure to cleanse my hair of all pollution and old product with a clarifying shampoo such as Kiehls Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, and then make sure the ends are moisturised and again cleansed using products such as the Aveda Dry Remedy Masque and Origins Clear Head Mint Conditioning Rinse. When my hair gets to a near dry/damp stage I’ll spray something to create body like the Aveda Phomollient Styling foam which will help build volume and the messy, festival vibe key to all these looks. If you need some waves, I’d suggest some slept-in fishtail braids or a quick curl using a curling wand – perfect soft small curls.

To keep my hair and scalp from feeling a bit ick during the festival, I’m going to have some products to take along with me including the Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine , which will keep my hair in great condition with the added Vitamin E also taming my frizzy flyaways, and the Aveda Invati Scalp Revitaliser which will make me roots feel refreshed and clean with ingredients such as ginseng, plus massaging it in will be a great treat whilst sitting in a tent.

Look 1 : The Floral Boho Crown

So totally cliche, but totally works. Perfect for your first day of hair as it’s still fresh and full of bounce, and is really easy and cute on everyone. You can get crowns now from most stores and online, and this particular one was picked up for me from a friend who went to Glastonbury. It just fits nicely on my little head and gives off the nice hippy vibes along with the beachy waves you created earlier – genius.

Look 2 : The 90’s Throwback Pony

Come Day 2 your hair is gonna be getting grimey, so hide the beginning tell-tale signs with this simple look which is not only on-trend for the 90’s look, but is also my fave childhood hair’do (naw). Just simply take a small hair tie and tie up the top section to the top of your head, and then take a bright scrunchie and twist around the band until your hair is standing up tall and is looking fabulous ! Spritz in some of the Spray-On Shine and you’re good to go.

Look 3 : The Easy Tie-Dye

Pastel hair, dip-dye and hair chalks are all having a massive moment and are great fun to try for a festival, however if you aren’t up for adding stuff to your hair that’ll take a while to wash out you can try this super easy look which not only is instantly removable but is also great at keeping hair out your face come Day 3 when a shower is calling ! Simply split the hair into two ponytails, and taking the top section use one colour to start the tail. Take the next section of hair above the ear and join to the first pony using a new colour band, and finally secure the whole section with your third colour. Add more bands down your hair – make sure they are evenly spaced – until you have a cool sci-fi tech bumpy look. So easy, so cool.

Look 4 : The Easy Headscarf Wrap

I rocked this look a few weeks ago and it was great for keeping my hair off my face and also my head protected from the sun. I’m imagining by Day 4 your hair is a bit of a greasebomb so to keep you looking stylish and also steering away from the usual bun, you can add your fave headscarf to keep it all under wraps so no one will ever know. You can spritz your scalp with the Invati Scalp Revitalizer to bring some life back to your locks, and then simply take a long scarf and place it on your head, and twist the two ends to wrap around until they meet and can be knotted. It’s not meant to look perfect, but it will be great when your out sunbathing before the next act is on !

These hairstyles were so fun to create and thanks to House of Fraser for challenging me to come up with them. As an added bonus, House of Fraser are running a competition to win £100 in vouchers to spend on anything in-store (amazing) if you post your festival hair to your blog and leave a link to it here, so what are you waiting for ?! I’d love to get my mitts on some Bobbi Brown and Aveda products…..

See you in the campsite !
Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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