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Helloooo everyone !

As I am packing and planning at the mo I have been thinking about things I need for my new pad and life down in London, and have somehow complied this very pastel and patterned inspired wishlist (which I am in loveee with, I think I’ll be buying it all )

Yumi Polka Dot Dress via ASOS – £30 | a perfect WhatOliviaDid inspired dress which will transition great from summer to autumn. The cut is so cute and it’s in my favourite colour and print too – it’s love guys.

Vintage Reclaimed Wrap Front Dress via ASOS – £31 | I absolutely adore the print and colour of this dress, plus the design and shape will suit my shape amazingly – great to disguise any food-baby issues 😉

GARNITYR Floral Boxes via IKEA – £13 for 7 | I’m going to be needing some under-bed storage and places to store shoes etc. and these are really sturdy and pretty too.

Carolyn Sandals via Dr Marten – $129.99 | I ruined my feet walking around London last month, so I no longer have a good pair of summer sandals to walk around in and dress up nicely. I came across this a) gorgeous and b) super comfy looking pair of sandals from Dr Martens and they are such a pretty colour too ! I love having open toes too and a strap around the ankle for support so, these are dreamy.

Pretty Broiderie Sundress via TOPSHOP – £35 | As much as I love green, I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe. This dress caught my eye on the ‘New In’ section, and I love the little straps and fabric which will be perfect in the summer, plus layered over a shirt will be great in autumn.

Stripe Skinny Trousers via TOPSHOP – £10 each | I need some nice new trousers (yes, neeeeeed !) because all I have is comfy trousers and leggings and I think to be a proper adult I need some swanky new trousers – even at sale price ! I love the simple direct stripes, which will hopefully elongate my legs and slim me down. The white pair are my particular fave, perfect for summer yet still cool for evenings.

Georgia Winged Hand-Held Bag via Accessorize – £22 | My fave vintage satchel has broken and looks just really rough now so a new satchel is in order, and although this isn’t one per-say it does come with a body strap for days I want a long handle – perfect ! It’s also just gone into the sale at a cracking £22, so I can get my card out for this beauty right ?

I’m off to mull over my wishlist, let me know what you’re wanting this month !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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