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Helloooo everyone !

June has flown by, I’m amazed at what I’ve done this month and what things are on the way – very exciting things too.

I think June is safely the month of celebs and fangirling a little, as you will see in a bit there’s been some corkers. It’s been one of a lot of travel and sorting things out, so let’s see what made the cut.

1. One Direction at Wembley

What a night. The concert was amazing, I had front block seats with a great view and I even saw some Youtubers too which was a bonus. Dancing and singing along was great and of course, I died when Niall did his bit in ‘Better Than Words’.

2. London

I’ve been to London so much this month it’s crazy; One Direction, job interviews, house hunting…I may as well have a holiday let there ! I’ve loved walking around the city and finding new places, I can’t wait to get there properly.

3. Clarins Hydraquench Cream + Blue Orchid Face Oil

The Hydraquench Cream and Blue Orchid have saved my skin this month ! I am an oily-combination girl but after I was unwell in London, I came home to dry, flaky skin and it was generally irritated. I remember Amelia Liana saying how Hydraquench had saved her skin, and I’ve always gone to it when need moisture, so I stripped my routine back to cleanser, serum, oil and moisturiser and in two days it was glowing. I even gently swept the oil over my aggravated eye lids and they have healed up so well – I was using hydro-cortisone before, which is stripping to the skin and makes it thinner, not good – I am definitely a fan of this routine. My skin isn’t too oily either and my make-up is looking fresher too.

4. Stylfile Nail Buffer

I needed a new nail quad to buff and smooth my nails, and this is a fab product. S shaped to fit the nail bed, it really smooths down my ridges and rough edges, and gives a great squeaky shine. And only £2.99 at TK Maxx 😉

5. Fangirling over blogger interaction

Damn it guys, I got SO lucky this month. I was tweeted by Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup THREE TIMES (three, aahhhh), re-tweeted and tweeted by Amelia Liana, and then favourited, retweeted, instagram liked and commented on by Alix from icovetthee

I just had to take a big deep breath to calm down. 

I seriously love these girls, they are my blogging and beauty inspirations at the mo, I love all their posts and videos – I think most of the stuff I buy or want to buy is by them and Lily Pebbles too. They are sweet and friendly and I definitely look up to them in terms of the work they’ve done and their success #GIRLPOWER

What made me happier is that I sent those tweets out just to be positive really about them, I wasn’t expecting a reply or yanno, bugging them to be like ‘notice me !!’ so getting the replies I did was so nice. Maybe in some universe we can all be BFFS I think we’d get along 😉

So, a seriously good month by the looks of it.

July is going to be a very busy one I hope, so maybe this time next month I’ll be blogging from somewhere else (that’ll be fun !)

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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