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Helloooo everyone !

Sometimes it’s the simplest of posts, like what makes me excited in life, that are most rewarding. Sharing my likes and dislikes, advice and experience helps others gain inspiration or thoughts on things, a new perspective on a topic they might not have had before.

Thinking about what makes me excited is another one of those stress-busters, because you start to list off what you have to look forward to or makes you squeal and you instantly feel good. I have things big and small that get me all hyped up, and they sometimes make my day (or month, or life.)

– Seeing One Direction at Wembley this Friday.
I’ve been waiting over a year for this, and since I clicked ‘buy’ I’ve had a lot of stress with selling my sister’s tickets and stuff which made it a pain. But watching some videos of their tour, looking at merch (I am buying these) and scoring some pretty good front block seats (ticket skillz) I am now officially ready to explode.

– Nigella and Jamie re-runs on Food Network
Very simply put, I love their cooking. Okaaay it’s not all soya, wheat-free etc but what they do make looks mouth-watering drool-worthy succulent excellence. Everyone should cook like that, or at least cook for me like that. Plonck me down in-front of this and we’re friends for life.

– Birthdays and Christmas
I love buying or making presents for my family at Christmas, it’s such a lovely homey time with great food and programmes to watch. Birthdays feel like once every three years but when they come round again, I love going out for a nice meal (seriously, more food ?) and having a little shindig.

– When good things happen
I love it when something good happens, positive energy is a thing my mum goes on about a lot and even though I mostly reply with an eye-roll and ‘muuuuuuuuuuum’, I do actually think it’s true. We wouldn’t want to receive negativity so why send it ? Anyway, the matter of hearing about job interviews, earning money for something you enjoyed, being offered something you wouldn’t have expected, it’s all a wonderful positive output to the universe. Especially if you tweet it afterwards.

Really good TV/Films/Music coming out
There are a few things that make me get a bit cray cray in the entertainment world. One Direction’s new fourth album, I’ll probz have a moment; House of Cards, when Series 3 drops I’ll be a recluse in my room to Netflix; Sherlock Series 4 – Moffat do your duty and get it written; Superhero films – I always love those, especially Marvel, and Batman was always too exciting when each film was released.

 Nail Varnish
Something happens deep inside that makes me want every shade on the planet right now. If it’s on sale I’m a bit mental.

Travelling and Holidays
I love going abroad and being able to relax, speak new languages and embrace culture. Although I’m not going away this year (let’s not speak too soon) the build up of packing, planning, travelling to the airport, flying and landing, and finally relaxing and eating good nosh (it’s aaaallllways about the food) makes me mega happy.

Thinking about these now has put me in a good bouncy mood, so I’m off to go work and do some exciting happy shoots. What makes you excited ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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