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Helloooo everyone !

Another in a ‘what makes’ me line of posts, this time the ever intriguing look into what drives me crazy and maybe some things will also make you as equally mad.
(P.S This is our time to freak out and leave the zone of zen and positivity, just for a minute, and indulge in some freak-outs – enjoy !)

1. When the MIC cast do really stupid things
I cannot be the only person who sits watching Made in Chelsea thinking ‘jesus christ, are you really doing/saying/repeating that again ?’ I know, I know, it’s scripted reality, it’s probably even fake (85% of the time) but really, you’re going to go out with Spencer not knowing what he’s like when pretty much every relationship on the show has been publicized of him cheating ?! Nu-uh girl. Or maybe even when certain people lie about something and then respond with ‘oh yeah I did’ when confronted about said thing. I see you Mr Mytton. All in all though, it’s my guilty please and once a week I let myself get wound up and then move on, and find Mark Francis absolutely divine.

2. Ignorance is not always bliss
The famous sayings can sometimes be wrong. I have been, and currently am, surrounded by people who act ignorantly and really make no effort to become respectful and aware when caught out on it. Oh, so you want to see how many times you can bang a football against my house in one minute after being asked to stop ? An unfelt sorry just shows your poor manners. Also, when all your friends know something about things that were personal to you but don’t tell you because they don’t want you to know but don’t think it’s a big deal; I’d rather know thank you because 90% of the time I won’t actually care, and also it’s respectful to not keep one in the dark.

3. When Charmed isn’t on E4 on Saturdays
or when it’s shown in order and then BAM, Sunday jumps 3 series ahead. Not cool, I don’t like confusion over my morning porridge.

4. When I lose something really important
and it’s somewhere I already looked/close by/my mum finds it. I rarely misplace things and don’t allow my mum to organise my stuff anymore so I know where it all is, so when it goes I become some sort of maniac.

5. People being unreliable
ESPECIALLY those close to you. Don’t make a promise, or a false promise, when you know someone is going to be left disappointed.

6. “I was here first”
It always happens; I’m in the kitchen with the hangries or I’m about to start washing my face, and then mum rolls up and starts trying to do things – making toast, vacuuming etc. and I’m just like ‘get.out.’ I cannot be alone on that, especially with hangries.

7. When people have to get to the front of the coach queue
because heaven forbid if we don’t the coach will leave us here. No. You will not get left behind, you are just 60% likely to not sit where you want or by a partner. Yeah okay, as a single frequent traveler I take two seats and don’t want anyone by me, however I do think people should offer at least to swap so people travelling together can sit together.

8. When people don’t understand/support/dissuade others choices
SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW DO THIS AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY. Example, some people I know don’t understand why I eat why I do, or think it’s all a fad and meat and whole milk is the only right thing in life. That is your opinion not mine, and okay that’s fine, but when I want to eat my food I will. Case Study : at a family gathering someone bought a litre of juice with them as they were doing a juice week and that’s what they were going to be having that day; meat-eaters guilt tripped them into a lasagna and she returned home with the juice still full. IT’S NOT FAIR. If they have made a commitment to a way of life, even for a day, then bloody let them do it, and don’t make them feel bad. Also, if this happens to you, stick to your guns. I wasn’t allowed to go pick something I wanted for lunch and had to chose between chip shop chips or starvation. My restraint and on-hand polos are strong.

There are many things that drive me crazy, and a whole list would make me spiral into a annoying pit of dark bad stuff, so I’m leaving it here. Trying to make crazy things sound funny and light-hearted is somewhat hard but we must try otherwise we will all be mopey faces !

What drives you crazy ? Do we share the same crazy traits ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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