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Helloooo everyone !

As I type this, I can officially say this is my first time at home for the whole of summer in a few years. I am going to miss packing up my suitcase and making the slog to my dad’s, then to the airport, to the hotel before relaxing for a week or two eating all the good stuff and catching some rays, before coming home, driving all the way back to mine and then complaining about all the food I ate. Good times.

Saying that, we often forget what our local cities have to offer – always thinking of escape to Greece or Ibiza, never fully believing the fact we may have some sunshine. I really want to utilize my time at home in the sun, and I think we get too caught up in going abroad that we forget to go out and explore.
I’ve made a little list of all the things you – myself included – can do to really make the most of being at home for six weeks – or two if you’re in work, sorry – and yes, it may tot up to as much as a holiday away (hopefully not) but you’ll save the rush looking for passports and you won’t have to learn a language nor will you have to raid boots for insect repellent. Result.

1. Go on a country pub tour
I think country pubs are one of the best things about England. When you get a good pub, you know you’re going to have a good time (food wise, unless you wanna neck down some pints which is totally cool). Pub grub can be some of the best out there; pies, chips, Mr. Whippy ice-cream – be still my beating heart. One with a nice outdoor location to sit on the grass or overlooking the rolling country hills is your best bet, you’ll get to enjoy the sunset as you eat.

2. Go to theme parks or local attractions with friends and family
West Midlands Safari Park, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers; yes they can be expensive to get in but you’re not exactly paying the big bucks for flights now are you so use the money now for a fun day out. Places such as the Cotswold Wildlife Park may be filled with bizarre animals but they are fun and there’s loads of room for a picnic and a chance of some good quality ice-cream (can you see the theme of ice-cream yet ?)

3.  Visit a new city or town
There are so many people who never take the chance to go visit nearby towns, so make use of the free-time and go visit somewhere new. Drive a few hours to the coast and go to the beach for the day, catch a train to London or Manchester and explore the expansive busy nature of a city, or just drive half an hour to the next village and see where the best tea is at ! Just take off and see where your map takes you.

4. Forgo the fancy restaurants and have a BBQ
Or a picnic, whatever floats your boat. If the weather is S*** then do it indoors – no one will mind. Throw on some party tunes, make some cocktails and serve up some yummy salads and deserts !

5.  Make a list of all the things you’d do abroad and then do it !
Just do it at home !
Want to relax and read a book ? Go outside and do it then !
Want to try out new cuisine ? Go online and find a recipe, and cook it. It’s pretty easy right ?

You can also probably find tango lessons locally if you want a flavour of Spain, a good cheese shop for a sense of French Brie nature – imagine it’s Paris and not your kitchen. I find joy sometimes just picking up some tapas and Mediterranean foods and sharing it over a movie – it’s cheaper and still kinda special. There’s also the option of fake tan to allude to a holiday abroad, and it’ll probably save your skin from the high UV rays.

Take the chance to explore your country and hometown for once summer, and it’ll make you appreciate your travels more and where you come from.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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