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Sometimes when you’ve been a bit naughty or had a relax from your usually eating habits, you can find yourself a bit bloated or sluggish. Kicking the bloat isn’t hard and this little recipe contains some great alkaline foods that will give you the ultimate detox.

Alkaline foods will help balance your stomach’s PH levels, decreasing bloating from substance such as wheat, alcohol, carbs – the lot. It’s easy to make, super yummy, and you’ll feel better in no time !

Spinach | Broccoli | Fine Green Beans | Kale | Avocado | Cucumber | Peppers | Carrot | Spices – Ginger and Cayenne

1. Pre-steam the kale, broccoli and beans for 5 minutes, and then throw into a pan like stir fry.

2. Assemble your salad base – I used Spinach and dry slaw as I don’t like all the mayo !

3. Once cooked and softened more, add your spices and mix in. Ginger is a great stomach soother and de-bloating agent too, and cayenne boosts metabolism.

4. Add your peppers and cucumbers, and then serve the hot veg on top. Top with avocado and dive in !

As in the picture, you can have this with an amazing Lime and Cucumber water with ice – cool, refreshing, the lime will help banish the bloat plus cucumber fights water retention, great after a heavy night.

It’s a simple recipe, and when you’ve been ill like me or not eating right, this can help you get back on track swiftly. Alkaline and clean eating can really help you in the quest to good food, so give this a go today !

Lots of Love,
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