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Helloooo everyone !

Now I’m pretty sure at one time (or a hundred) or another we’ve all been working away and either forgotten to have lunch or had to wait until a specific time to be released into the world of food and freedom, or maybe you’re in a morning rush and need to make lunch quick and one that will be filling.

Well never fear, I have a 5 Minute Lunch that is healthy (wheat-free), filling, full off tasty goodies (all of which you are free to replace with other produce) and so super quick even I’m amazed at how short the hangry pangs last. It’s also great when you have limited food left in the fridge

Sunflower Seed Bread / Rye Bread | Avocado | Tomatoes | Carrot | Pepper
Extras Spinach | Cucumber | Bistro Salad |

1. Take two pieces of bread and toast 1-2 minutes each side until warm (they won’t go crusty like toast)

2. Whilst the bread toasts, wash and chop up your peppers and tomatoes (or chosen veg, the carrot will be shaved later). Slice the avocado in half and score into strips.

3. When the toast is warm enough, butter both pieces with avocado (1/2 – 3/4 Avocado), and begin to layer up your fillings.

4. Squish it all down and cut in half – and done ! Serve with crudities or some veg crisps, or eat alone.

And there you have it, a quick healthy lunch that will always fill you up. I find that sunflower seed bread doesn’t leave that carby wheat taste like other usual breads can, and it really does fill you up for 4 hours at least !

This is always so good to eat when I haven’t got the patience to whip up stir-fry or a salad, and when I need energy and substance fast, so give it a go next time you’re packing a lunch or picnic and let me know what you put inside.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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