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Hellooo everyone !

Almost two years ago I finally got to live my dream of going to Italy. I’m a deep, avid fan of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and I of course, love Italian food.
I got to visit Positano and the Amalfi Coast – which I now treasure even more knowing how popular it is a place for people to visit (it’s not a cheap place) – and also Rome.

Positano is just too beautiful, the journey into the town is glorious. Surrounded by boats and steep hill steps that weave into shops and galleries, you can spend hours going into the small coves of this seaside treasure. The hotel I stayed in was one of the only ones with a pool and the view from it was just as above – magic. Lemons are a popular thing down here, and my family and I downed about 4 glasses of the freshly squeezed stuff daily – I also bought home a lemon candle, and my dad ate a fresh Lemon ice every day. There are boats out to Capri and along the coastal towns which I highly recommend (I didn’t visit Capri but I hear it’s a place for the A-List 😉 Rihanna had just visited before I arrived) and the boat journey is so beautiful, full of caves, structure and amazing blue seas. In Amalfi Salerno, please find a nice restaurant in a tucked away square and try the fresh seafood (even though I’m not a fish person, I tried some swordfish and it was delicious); In Positano, I cannot rave about Chez Black enough – I ate a whole mozarella ball for a starter. It was heaven. Where I Stayed : Covo Dei Saraceni

Rome. Ah Rome. My one true love. I’ve never – apart from the West Coast – been more at home and in awe of a place. Since reading Eat, Pray, Love I have developed a soft spot for it; eating gelato, pizza, learning the language..I did learn Italian for the trip and it was quite good but then college got in the way boo. I ate some of the most beautiful food in Rome, in particularly the Elegance Cafe, I had the most mouth-watering unable to recreate Double Parmesan Pasta. I’m drooling. Where I Stayed : Boscolo Hotel Palace I have never had so much comfort, light, space, and an amazing stock of rainbow bathroom products as this, although Las Vegas may compete…

Tips and Best Bits :
– Eat pizza, pasta and gelato. And caprese salad. Every day.
– Walk everywhere even if you’re tired. You get to experience dolce far niente.
– Do watch your belongings as in any city, invest in an over-shoulder one to keep in front of you.
– People don’t care about their car bumpers, so take pride in any minor scrapes you have in yours.
– Being called ‘bella’
– Sit outside, always sit outside.
– Go to every single historical monument. The Vatican takes a long time, hours in fact, but seeing St Peter’s square and imagining Tom Hanks is about just makes me happy at the memory. The Colosseum is also breathtaking.
– Going July-Early September is when Rome is hottest, it almost nearly closes in August which is when I went and it’s boiling. Take water and find shade. Or maybe go when it’s cool. But if you want heat unlike the English weather just go. You’ll come back looking like you’re from Essex.
– Relax. As I said, DOLCE FAR NIENTE !

Have you ever visited Italy ? Where would you suggest I go next ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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