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Helloooo everyone.

I have only one word for this post; obsessed. I am 100% obsessed with Iggy Azalea, her album, her style, her figure and generally how cool she is.

I could end the post here but that’s a bit short and sweet so I’m going to just natter on a bit about why exactly Iggy is my #1 galdem of the moment.

1. She’s very evidently worked so hard and made many sacrifices to get to where she is today. Definitely something I look up to and is inspiring me.

2. The album is catchy as hell and you can really hear her stories and feelings in the songs, especially Work.

3. Her body is to die for, she is on par with Beyonce and Rihanna in my books for figure. If I work out more, I could look like her – except no big booty like that, darn it.

4. I love her make-up look, so much so something may be coming your way soon. Definitely ‘The New Classic’.

5. The main thing I love is that she’s doing her own thing, not afraid to speak out and do what she wants. Women are constantly able to express themselves these days with music and image; even with Bey’s new album, women are using their bodies and female nature to empower women and show strength, that we aren’t quite little ladies of the past.

I’m off to blast ‘Fancy’ out my speakers now, do a dance and enjoy my Sunday, what are you all up to this Sunday and weekend ? Any new girl crushes in your lives ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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