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Helloooo everyone !

It’s June tomorrow, howwww ?! That means I’m seeing One Direction next week (oh ma gawd) and that means we’re almost halfway through 2014. That’s scary.

But before we get carried away with what it is we’ve been doing with our lives this past 5 months, let’s have a look into my monthly favourites for May.

1. Eat Pray Love
I swear this is the last time I’ll mention this book on here, promise ! Whenever I feel lost, stressed on unsure, I’ll always turn to this book for relief. And for torment of pasta and gelato.

2. Italy
In line with reading Eat Pray Love, I’ve been starting my Italian up again, trying to learn sentences and words when I have the chance. It surprised me how much I remembered from last time, but I’m still yet to master “Please give me all the ice-cream” fluently.

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
As I said in my make-up routine, this concealer is a perfect dupe for NARS Creamy Concealer and is a much cheaper option ! It certainly covers my redness and under-eyes, and is also light enough to be a highlighter – result.

4. Barry M Shape and Define Brow Kit
A cheeky review is coming of this soon, however I’ll just say that this is a massive improvement on using my huge eyeshadow palette, and that my brows have never looked better <3

5. Iggy Azalea
You all know I’m obsessed right now, and I’m addicted to listening to Fancy and Work all day long whilst working – yanno, trying to get that rich.

6. Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea
THIS IS HEAVEN. I had never tried chai before and one whiff of this convinced me it was love. This is the perfect blend of christmas warm scents without being too christmassy like Revitalise tea – that’s my winter fave. Always have a cuppa of this before bed.

7. Disney Films + Soundtracks
Not pictured because I have too many, but I have really had my own personal Disney Renaissance recently. The Lion King and Beauty and The Beast soundtracks are my favourites, scattered with some Pocahontas, Mulan and Enchanted songs. I am yet to watch Frozen (still !) so I’m holding off the soundtrack at the mo, but I’ve watched my fair share of films this month – The Hunchback of Notre Damme, Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King I and II and I have loads more still to see, even better is that they’re all on video. Clever us keeping our videos for the classics. I’d have to say Beauty and The Beast and Lion King have been my favourites to watch, closely followed by Pocahontas. When Beast transforms, the feels <3

Has this post inspired you to watch some Disney ? Or maybe get some new tea ? Let me know !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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