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Hellooo everyone !

Before we begin, I want to say a huge congrats to all my blogger friends who got shortlisted in the COMPANY Style Blog Awards – well done guys, you all deserve it and are fantastic humans 🙂 Secondly, I would also really love it if you nominated Britton Loves in the Cosmo Blog Awards for Best Lifestyle Blog + Newcomer Blog ! I’ve been working hard every day for six months on my posts and I love it so much, chatting away about food and fangirls and my photography work so to be shortlisted and nominated by you would mean so much !

Now, to the main event, selfies.

I lovveeee a selfie; I love taking a selfie in the park, in the mirror, even a snapchat selfie in the most awkward and public of places – don’t forget the ugly face, gotta look hawt 😉
Even with the familiarity of posing for pictures, I still feel a bit bad uploading one to Instagram or Facebook for everyone to see. Okay, sometimes they are posey-posey but when you have got your face looking right for once don’t you want to look a bit ‘I woke up like this’ ?  I’m not trying to show off or say something about me that isn’t, but I believe with a selfie sometimes, girls have a moment where they feel good about themselves and want to share how good they feel with the world, which is not the worst thing to ever happen – in fact, we should applaud those who post a happy smiling ‘good morning’ face, ready to take on the world.

The unfortunate thing is is that Instagram has gained stigma for being a place for people to show off, something stemmed from Facebook and even the likes of Myspace and Bebo – ahh Bebo, you were a classic.
There are the likes of people who hashtag everything for attention – I can’t judge, I hashtag all my Instagram blog posts so that people will see it and go to read it on my blog, which is fair enough until you reach a certain viewership level where you can just say “hey, new post !”. So until the day comes, I will hastag away. The hashtag that annoys me is the classic ‘#just #being #me #with #long #hair #green #eyes #bed #girl #i #love #music #cant #wait #to #eat #dinner #with #friends’
Are you kidding, are you actually being serious ? I thought the English language was going to pot with ‘r u goin owt 2nite, thnxs bbz’ but it seems we have replaced it with the #Hashtag language as means of communication and sharing information. I’m sure Shakespeare and all your English teachers are burying their heads into the nearest pile of the classics in despair.
Those who use the hashtag to just get likes and feel accepted for a second, I don’t agree with. I don’t like the #instalikes or the #f4f tags, because you get weirdos replying or following you, and there’s not much you can do to say ‘hey man, please don’t start badgering me on my instagram and stop looking into my personal life’ because there is – apart from going private, which isn’t ideal for a blogger – nothing you can really do to monitor those who follow you.

There’s also those communities of people, such as the rich elite kids in certain countries or celebrities who just pose a pouty picture, or one of their bums or even of a picture of them showing their chest at the pool and writing a caption like “just so relaxed, love spending time with the family :)”
Oh man I did not realise your bum was your sister, my mistake please continue onwards.
Just some honesty maybe, and admit your real caption is “look at me on holiday somewhere exotic with my fabulous rack, please fancy me.” Not that its ever going to happen, but we all know that’s what’s going on here.

The thing is, no one is going to stop doing any of the above, and none of us are really in the right position to judge because we all do it. In some form or another, big or small, we are showing off on Instagram – be it your new haul purchase, a present from you beloved that was so expensive, tickets to a concert, meeting a celeb, going to London, being in any environment that is out of the average reach, we are all showing off somehow.
But is it always completely wrong ? Sometimes it’s really unexpected and hey, you deserve to show it off. Have you worked your ass off for 6 months to save up money and then buy yourself a Mulberry ? – show it off ! Have you been working hard at your health goals and become stronger and fitter ? – show off your transformation.

People hate and give other people stick because they are simply doing what they dream to do, it’s that easy. There may be someone you follow who you only do just to see what they are up to but you may not essentially like them, so you see them post a picture, sneer or say ‘uh borrring’ and skip past them so not to give them the satisfaction of a like – why should they get a like for a duck face when they look so stupid ?
Stop right there.
Back track and look at what you were just thinking. You are following someone who doesn’t make you feel good because you feel you should, and then you go and scoff at them because you think they are trying too hard ? You need to unfollow that person now and you need to also take a moment to see what your own problem is.
Do you not have the confidence to upload a selfie, or do you not feel you have anything good to say ? Do you wish you had what the other person had, and are you acting in a way that is good – commenting on how nice the person looks or how fortunate they are – or that is bad – sending them rude comments about how they should jump off a cliff or back off from a person. If you are not in the place to share a good energy and accept a good energy, then maybe you need to step away from Instagram for a while until you can accept it for what it is.

Sharing a selfie is self-promotion – you are displaying who you are, what you want others to see, and also how you feel. We all have to take a self-portrait at some point, so why not take one where you look and feel good ? Take inspiration from the person you look up to in taking selfies, and have fun being fun.
If it makes you feel better, take a selfie and say “taking a selfie because my hair actually looked good, happy friday !” See, it’s breezy, a bit fun, and I bet you feel more at ease posting it it.

I don’t believe there’s any real harm in selfies; I do think people can use a selfie the wrong way, but the most of the time the occassional selfie of you in a nice dress or make-up that actually worked – you tame that winged eyeliner ! – is pretty usual and we should expect it.
Take pictures of anything and everything, share the good bits with the world and talk positively about what you’ve done or feel good about. For now, I’ll be mainly uploading images of food and my nails, but before I go out with a my game face on – let me take a selfie.

Are you a selfie addict ? Or are you more food and FWIS ?

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Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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