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Helloooo everyone !

Even though I work from home, I still end up a bit frazzled and over-loaded with things to do – I’m an over-worker, always have been, always will be. Learning how to chill out has become easier over the years of exams and deadlines, work and general life niggles. It’s really essential we take time for ourselves and stop trying to please everyone around us for just an hour of the day outside the regular routine, and it’s amazing how an hour can uplift and change your mood.

Recently I’ve been planning, arranging, sorting and trying to get things organised in my life that I’ve often become wound up with pressure and stress, but luckily I know what things will calm me down and get me feeling like me again – and even inspire new work !

How To Chill Out
Read a favourite or life-affirming book : Every holiday I’ve been on has given me time to appreciate reading, and I usually get through 3-4 books in two weeks. I love a good gripping story, one that gets the imagination going, but I also love ones that inspire. As you know, Eat Pray Love is my #1 favourite book and the struggles and challenges Liz Gilbert goes through help me realise how much bigger the world is and my time here is important so let’s make it worthwhile – your worries are not a big deal and will not be relevant in a week, month or year. It also makes me dream of gelato and a love affair in Bali so, that’s always a great relaxer.

Have a pamper : Pampering is so so good, it helps the muscles relax and makes your body feel loved. Even 5 minutes with your head over a bowl of steaming water makes your face relax and feel so chill, getting the blood flowing and making you look glorious (but red). A face mask will help with a magnitude of sins; clogged pores, red blotches, dull skin, so whack one on after a steam and see your face in it’s new glory ! Treat yourselves to good skin-friendly products that hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin’s needs. I recommend the Elemis Cleansing Balm, Elemis Lavender Face Mask, Quick Fix Mask for Red + Sensitive Skin, Clarins Lotus Oil, Clarins Hydraquench. Treating your nails to a nice pamper is also a great choice. You can clip, buff and shape your nails, and paint them a nice bright colour that is scientifically proven to boost your mood ! I’d recommend bright red, pinks and oranges for a holiday mood.

Exercise : YUP, and as Elle Woods once said, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” I once got so mad that I exercised for over an hour to banish the rage, and it worked ! Plus, I burned a lot of calories – result. Probably not a good daily motivator but hey, you ever need a push… For fun exercise, I will always recommend Cassey Ho’s Blogilates – she’s so happy whilst your burning those muscles you can’t help but continue.

Listen to music : Get lost in a world of your own through your music playlists, imagine the music empowering of telling a story of how you wish a situation played out. You’ll feel so happy that you won’t remember why you were wound-up in the first place. Go belt out some Beyonce, dare ya.

That’s just a little quick post for you all, I’m off around London today for some exciting things so I hope you all have a chilled out day and see you tomorrow for more beauty !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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