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Helloooo everyone !

A slightly different style of post today as we are going to look inside the place that inspires all my meals and provides me with substance when I am rabidly hangry. It’s an often occurrence and scary.

We buy mainly fresh food twice a week at most as we are always having veg and salad, more salad now in the summer months so our shop (and fridge) is rather green. Although everything looks basic you can make so many various meals out of veg and some flavourings. I’m going to show you my key cupboard and fridge produce and also let you peek inside the fridge further – ooh I’m all exposed !

My Key Produce : 

Soya Yogurt | Almonds | Rolled Porridge Oats | Red Onions | Blueberries | Sweet Potato | Avocado | Carrots | Spinach | Kale

Porridge is a great breakfast staple as it fills you up for hours and can be flavoured with honey, fruit or cinnamon. I mix hot banana, cinnamon, almonds, pumpkin seeds and blueberries with mine, using a mix of water and almond milk to make. Kale is high in many good vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A+C+K, Iron, Fibre, Calcium and is also an Anti-Oxidant – phew ! It’s great as roasted crisps or steamed for dinner, so go get some now ! Spinach is something I can eat from the bag, by the bag. It’s a wonder it lasts in the fridge as I constantly snack on it whilst eating. It’s an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6 (oh my gawd) and it’s a versatile leaf as it can be juiced, steamed, eaten raw or blended. Carrots are a must for seeing in dark 😉 or maybe as a stick to dip in guacahummous.

Sweet Poatoes are the best potatoes. Once you’ve had these, you won’t go back to regular roasts again. Sweeter in taste and so much better for you as the sugar is released slowly preventing spikes, it also has anti-aging properties. Come on, now that’s a good bonus right ? Avocado is full of good healthy fats and is nature’s butter. Left to ripen to perfection, it can be smothered on your toast or sandwich and is so tasty in comparison to other spreads. You can also blend it into your smoothies and make guac with it. Yummers.

Soya yogurt is essential for me, for granola and yog snacks and also for baking as I use it for egg replacement. It is the perfect vegan baking staple. Blueberries are also yummy with your yog and breakfast, packed with the most antioxidants ever ! Onions are something we have nearly every dinner, roasted for hours, caramalised or quickly stir-fried for dinner.

Almonds are something I’m in love with. The only reason I ration eating them is because they’re so bloomin’ expensive ! Sainsbury’s have a great World Food aisle where bulk is cheaper but still, £3 a bag and a bag a week is a looooot. Used as a topping for most my breakfasts, it’s a great hunger stopper when you need a sugar hit – they are sweet enough but have that nutty edge to feel a normal blood sugar level. They also keep your stomach flat – wooooohoo !

The Fridge

 Top – Butters and Yogurts, Blueberries and condiments | Middle – Bulky Fruit and Veg | Bottom – Salad and Leaf, Pastry and Meat (when Mum buys it) | Drawers – all the green veg in the world

I told you there was loads of green. We are currently in summer mode and making coleslaw, which is so yummy at dinner and in-between avocado and spinach on rye bread. We’ve also got lots of fruit for smoothies, and I didn’t realise how much mango you can’t cut off due to the ‘core’ but still I managed to cut it up !

Key things to buy to get a healthy fridge/kitchen :  Kale, Spinach, Blueberries, Avocado, Banana, Broccoli, Green Beans, Peppers (can be frozen), Almond Milk, Mushrooms (a great meat texture for those who don’t eat it) Sweet Potatoes, Almonds.

What are the key things in your fridge ? Would you swap some stuff for Kale and Spinach ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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