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£32 – Space NK

Helloooo everyone !

Now in the past I haven’t been one to use concealer in my make-up routine – it’s something that comes and goes, and I’ve been riddled with products that don’t match my face, are too thin or thick, or generally don’t do the job well enough which leaves me to layer on extra foundation.

Originally I had wanted to buy the NARS Creamy Concealer as I have heard so many good things about it – long lasting, great skin matches, easy to blend and conceal; I did have a small make-over where Vanilla was used on me and it was lovely. But of course, it was sold out, everywhere.
I waited and waited, going into Space NK stores around the country (okay, just London and the ones where I live) until I got into that point of doubt of whether the shade was right for me, should I just buy Collection concealer, or should I learn patience. Probably the latter.

I popped into Space NK a few weeks ago, explained my dilemma of whether the shade was right and if the consistency under my eyes was too much to which the sales girl agreed. Maybe that’s where I went wrong a little. She did however confirm my suspicions that the shade Vanilla was a bit too pink/dark for me and I needed something else, so I just put my hands to the God’s of Beauty and said “show me any and all concealers that will suit me !”

The girl showed me the By Terry concealer above and it was at the time a lovely light application, very well blended and brightening, and an absolute splurge. At £32, it’s not cheap, but I had heard good things from other parts of the range and knew it would be a little bit more of a cut into my gift card than expected. Brushing aside all my “do I need this ?”, “is this the right one for me ?” I just purchased it and tottered off home, pleased with my little black bag.

Now I’ve done my time of testing, I’ve tried it out with my routine and finally – to report !

In honesty, I’m still unsure of this product. There’s not so much regret now buying this as there is, ‘is it actually working ?’ But still I’m not recommending it to everyone I know.
If you don’t have dark circles or any discolouration under your eyes, then this is probably for you. I don’t have dark circles but my foundation doesn’t always even out the skin tone by my eyes and nose which then looks like shadows on my face. It takes a lot of layer and careful patting to make it look somewhat even, and then it creases. Arggghh creases.

I will give it credit for the brightening effect, it’s similar to YSL Touch Eclat like that, but for some ‘concealing’ of shadows it’s not enough for me.
It has a lovely smell and a great finish, but you need a lot which is also another con as it was so expensive, I feel I have to save it for good use. You need about twenty clicks to get the product out and then too much comes out, and it’s almost a waste as you can tell there’s not loads in there.

So in short, I wouldn’t repurchase this really. Maybe a cheaper product to replace but I wouldn’t spend £32 on this again. Over the top of my Collection Concealer it’s nice and illuminating, even and a softer finish, but it’s not doing the hard work that the former is. I’m somewhat glad I used my gift card on it, but I do wish I’d bought something more holy grail instead.

Do you use any By Terry products ? Have you tried this concealer ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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