Helloooo everyone !

FINALLY, a new photoshoot ! I did do one a few weeks ago but I’m still undecided whether I like it or not so maybe some tweaking will see it published in the future.

This shoot is inspired by – and not to be morbid – decay and dying natural products. Plants grow and die just like humans but I don’t like the idea of photographing long-gone humans so I skipped over that idea, instead taking away some of our most defining features and replacing them with something that is beautiful yet withered.

The style and colouring has been inspired by grunge pictures, and brands who use bright loud colours to reflect their punky, grungy roots such as BLEACH London, The Craft by Lou Teasdale, Tumblr and the current ongoing influences of the 90s today in fashion.

This also stems from my COMPANY Magazine feature with flowers for eyes, and is deceloped into something a bit more dramatic and dark.

The full series is now live on my website and flickr page so go take a look and let me know what you think !

Don’t forget to also nominate this blog on the COMPANY website for Personal Style Newcomer, it would be fab to get shortlisted.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x


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