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March has been an exciting month and I’ve had some wonderful opportunities and things to try out, so let’s see what made it to my Top Five

Fashion + Beauty

Elemis Products

I am going to be really cheeky and put three of my new coveted Elemis products in my Top 5 – I just really love them that much !

I recently purchased some new skincare products to help my skin detox, clear out the impurities and re-balance my hydration and softness. It goes without saying that they did all that, I am so glad I came back to this range after my mum used to use it years ago.

1. Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask – This mask is said to be an ‘oil-absorbing, healing and regenerating mask contains antiseptic Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender Essential Oils. These synergistically rebalance and purify the skin, making this the ideal mask for sallow, combination and teenage skins prone to spots and congestion.’ 

Hells yeah I needed this, after a long time pondering over Origins and other high-end brands, I was advised on this and I am so glad I bought it. My skin has dramatically improved; my pores are smaller and clear, under-skin spots have reared and gone in a day, congestion is clearing out (I realise this sounds so gross but it’s great for the skin to be clear for once) I use this maybe once every other to every second day to really keep it clear, less if I use another mask in the week but this is my go-to for detoxing and making me feel better about my skin.

2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – Whilst pondering my mask purchase I noticed this delectably nourishing balm product on the stand and asked for a sniff – oh my god it’s heaven, it’s heaven in a balm. If you’re not ready for Elizabeth Hardy, this is fantastic.

I use this mainly when I’ve worn make-up, once to clean my make-up off and a second time to really clean and nourish the skin – you can leave it on for ten minutes to replenish the oils you’ve stripped and it feels divine. It’s also great as a morning pamper cleanse, and really sets you up for the day. The balm contains starflower, elderberry and optimega oils which soothe and nourish for a glowing complexion – I can agree with that !

3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment – Over the years in magazines and from lady friends, I have heard of the constant importance of using eye-cream. I never used to bother or would on a whim when my eyes looked a little ‘meh’ but with the effects said to kick in so many years later and being irreversible, I knew I had to get on the bandwagon sharpish. This eye serum is so light to use, I pat it with my finger around and on my eyelid to boost circulation and protect my skin for years to come.

I got this and the balm in an amazingly priced kit, and I would definitely re-purchase again and again !


4. BUTTER London Nail Varnish in Toff

Butter is one of those cult brands which is so amazing to apply but is reeeaaally expensive, so imagine my delight at walking into TK Maxx and finding them for £4.99 – HA.

I was going to buy about 100 but I realised I have so many colours I already don’t wear so I went for a dusty dark red-pink otherwise know as Toff, and it’s the perfect nail polish. Sophisticated but can be worn grungy, not too red but not too girly. I love it, I have re-applied it twice since purchasing and it only needs one layer without chipping for 5 days – it’s a close rival to my Colour Show !

5. REVLON Nail Art Neon in High Voltage

I picked this up in Poundland for, well, a £1. I really needed some good neon colours and an orange one so two birds with one stone really. My nice friend Lauren let me buy it as it was the last one – thank you sweets – and I love it so much, it makes me look tanned which is a bonus and it’s so bright it’s just a bit of heaven. I would have a moan about the consitency but the long-lasting cover and shade allows me to over-look this.

TV + Film + Music

1. 5SOS – She Looks So Perfect

I saw 5 Seconds of Summer on One Direction’s tour last year and they were a really great opening act – and so lucky to have been picked by the boys, let’s be honest. With this song they’ve come into their own spotlight and it’s an infectious tune that gets me jigging about. New-age Busted and McFly combined with fab humour and a laidback nature, they’ve got me sold.

2. Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

 When Paloma belted out this tune at Burberry Prorsum’s AW14 show, I was amazed by her voice (again) those high notes were high and she has an amazing song-writing talent. This song is very beautiful, building slowly and becomes so raw and powerful when she belts it all out.

3. Perks of Being A Wallflower

Finally after so long, and after reading the book two years ago, I finally watched Perks. All I can say is it was amazing, the characters were well cast and full of human nature – an instant hit and I welled up several times. An absolute must-see.

4. Avengers Films

It would be on the last night of my free Netflix trial that I sat down and watched all the Avengers films – well I say all, I mean Captain America and Avengers Assemble but that’s a lot of time for me to sit. I’ve wanted to watch them for ages as I really do love superhero films – the Batman trilogy is my ultimate fave – and they were really great fun, Robert Downey Jnr is hilar as always and Mark Ruffalo is just *love hearts emoji* he’s been a fave since Just Like Heaven.
5. The Grand Budapest Hotel
My friend Lauren took me to see this talked about film last week and it is so so good ! I’ve never really been familiar with Wes Anderson’s work but the art direction and cinematography was perfect. I loved the humour and when Ralph Fiennes started swearing – so excellent. One thing I will say, is when the characters were skiing and looked small, it reminded me of the Pontipines from In The Night Garden – I should stop watching children’s TV.


1. Kale Chips
My new big thing, I love these as an alternative to crisps. Pop them in some coconut oil and rosemary or cayenne for 10-15 mins at 200C, delicious !
2. Vegetable Chips / Roast
I’ve been roasting loads of sweet potatoes and butternut squash in small chip form nearly every day for dinner or lunch; finish them on the griddle pan and they are a charred heaven to eat !

3. Juicing
I’ve done the odd day or juice meal and I remembered why I love it so much – zingy ginger and lemon, and a great cleanse especially around birthday meals !
4-5. Baking
Vegan Cakes A fab party staple and so much healthier than your regular choice – I’ve just finished mine off !  This will be my ‘Mum Recipe’ for my kids how exciting
Vegan Cookies Seriously, the best healthy cookies I’ve ever tasted. I suggest you go try and bake them

Although March has been busy, it’s been more focused in these three areas and I’ve really made some great new discoveries and loves.
Let me know what your March faves were below,

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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