Hellooo everyone !

I do enjoy a Saturday and I hope your’s is going very well – I’m going to go dig into my new SATC boxset after this and maybe eat more food than I need because I have the-noms approaching.

This HWW series has been really great to write and I have loved hearing your feedback on things and how you relate to similar problems or things, but today I’m hopefully going to achieve a shorter and more lighthearted post about that common teenage act of fangirling. Yeeeeeeah.

Although the image shows One Direction (of which I am a fan, obviously), over time I have been a fan-girl of many things in my twenty years.

It probably started with pop bands back in the early noughties – Steps, S Club 7 and Hear’Say were my faves and I’d always pair up the members as to who would ‘date’ and I’d always have one that was a loner that I thought was too bossy – how judgmental of me.

S Club Juniors back in 2001 was my first major thing when I was about 7 or 8, and I had a mahoosive crush on Calvin. I always wanted to be a singer when I was younger and was very jealous that young people got to be singers instead of being at school, oh to live the high life. I also remember making a poster of S Club and S Club Juniors listing weird random facts like what flavour crisps they liked – I started young with my thirst of knowledge for all things non-educational.

Probably the most major fan-girl stage I’ve had lasted from 2005 to about 2010 and has sort of continued to drift in and out of “OH MY GOD” and “IT’S NOT THE SAME ANYMORE” , that of the TV show Doctor Who.

Now I’m not really one for science, I didn’t enjoy it, but I was hooked on this and it was literally that moment when you’re like “my life has been meaningless until now” but in a ten-year old’s vocabulary. I watched every single episode three times a week, I got the books, the merch, I became too emotionally involved and that got worse when David Tennant joined because he is my absolute favourite Doctor EVER and the whole series with him and Rose made me so happy.

I met friends through the programme, and I also learnt to be unfazed by people who thought saying “Hey, hey guess what, I hate Doctor Who” oooh like big deal you don’t like the same stuff as me, you are so rebellious. I’ve always been one for ‘if you don’t like the same thing as me, that’s totally okay but don’t start whining and moaning about how much you hate it at me to 1) annoy me and 2) to look cool’. There’s no point being rude about another’s success or interest to people who do like it because you don’t like the way they make you feel, just think before you mouth off.


It got to the point where I knew all the spoilers, who would be back, who was likely to return, what the hidden story lines were – you name it. I even went to the Exhibition several times and got over excited that I was standing by David’s shoes. UUhhh the days.


I cried like a baby when Rose left, I was distraught, but then I went through the rest of the series fine although praying for Rose + 10 to have babies together. When she came back in 2008 I was so over -excited and I cried again when David got ‘shot’ – RTD is a cruel man why can’t they just embrace !

I think the tipping point came when David regenerated and left – it was as if a family member had died I was so no prepared. I remember when he said “I don’t want to go” I screamed “DON’T GO STAY !!” it was horrific – in the terms of how much I was wailing.

There will never be a dedication for this program ever the same, and there will never be, to me, a series or unit of characters like the Tenth Doctor’s little group. Soz Matt fans.

Finally, oh finally, how did I become so enamored by five teenage boys ?

I will make a confession – I only halfheartedly watched the 2010 series of X-Factor because I was distracted by things that now I’m so annoyed I was so involved in. My mum however was on and on about ‘ooh that curly boy Harry is very nice’ okay whatever I’m going this right now (silly Lauren)

It was late 2011 I caught ‘One Direction Infection’ – why did I just say that – as before I wasn’t interested, not getting on the hype and then I watched some GIFs on tumblr and I remember the moment it happened.

I was watching Harry do the dance to ‘your my kryptonite’ in One Thing and I was laughing at how cute it was and in my head my sub-concious went ‘shit girl, you’re a fan now you ain’t going back.’ My friend Lauren was more than thrilled. I then became a Directioner and did all the classic things of ‘oh my god carrots’, ‘Mum did you know Liam hates spoons ?!’ ‘I CAN’T PICK A FAVOURITE’

(I now have faves but you can probs guess who 😉 )

I remember thinking me and Liam should be pals because I was born in the town near him, so obviously I qualify for friend of the band. Yeah good try Lauren. I bought all the albums, I got the DVD, I got tickets to see them in Birmingham last year (and then paid money again to see them twice production view and Harry waved at me and I died)

This is probably one of the only things I’ve been so caught up in that I will pre-order albums of songs I don’t know I’ll like, or buy concert tickets when I don’t know if I’ll still be into (don’t be stupid again Lauren) I got two nights this June to see them and one is luckily front block and was a total last min thing so I am so happy and me and Lauren are going to Live While We’re Young and all that stuff yanno.

So I guess to answer my own question, why does one fan-girl, I would have to think about what goes on in mine or others lives. Each time it’s happened I’ve started somewhere new and it’s been a connector really. I’d have just moved, started another new school or making a significant shift in my life. I’ve met new people from it or through it, indulged in knowledge of things I didn’t know I’d enjoy and they’ve helped me through things. Doctor Who helped me meet friends who became big parts of my life and now moving on to 1D, it’s allowed me to be a bit fun and get caught up in nice boys and happy music. Yeah I fancy the pants off them, if you don’t then it’s a little weird because they are really good looking but okay more for me and my fellow 1D girls out there.

I enjoy knowing things that ‘normal’ people don’t, so update accounts, spoiler websites, and following things from a beginning make you feel special, knowledgeable and a part of a growing movement. Some may say about how 1D is mass merchandising and a brand so a growing movement in that sense, but I see it more as 5 boys who got lucky and work really hard at what they do, and are very fortunate to have formed at the right time with social media to gain this huge legion of fans which is moving them places they or myself could imagine. Not everyone enjoys the music or how they generate things but not everyone has to, and that’s something people need to accept and stop judging people for.

Ooh that went a bit off track but oh well !

In conclusion, as they say in essays, I fan-girl because I am passionate about things that really interest me and make me happy, hell you could say I fan-girl over blogging and photography but it’s in different ways. I fan-girl over House of Cards too but I don’t go buy all the merch, I just enjoy the suspense and story of the show. One Direction and Doctor Who mean different types of fan-girling in different ways, and I’m pretty sure they’ll stay with me at whatever ‘dedication level’ they become over the next few years and I’ll always have fond memories of the time I spent indulging in them. Yes I bought a lot of merch and yes a lot of it is in the back of my cupboard, but whenever I get it out I remember how I felt and the time and place I was in when I loved this Sonic Screwdriver or CD so much, and you cannot put a price or judgement on a memory like that.

Do you have any fandoms you are dedicated to, or fan-girl moments ? Bands or TV Shows ?

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Lots of Love,

Lauren x


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