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So on Monday, I popped into town for some shopping (and to get dressed) and decided to pick up some bits in Boots. Currently there is one of the lovely 3 for 2 discounts on in store and I actually had some points vouchers in my purse (also which I usually lose) so obviously I was going to splurge.

Except I didn’t.

I didn’t really need anything – too many nail polishes to count, enough foundation and lip products – so I decided to finally pick up the Collection Concealer which is always out of stock and compare it to my By Terry concealer. I also needed to re-purchase the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo but at £15 I was wishing it was a 3 for 2 across the store because it would be so much more convenient and I’d probably save some money picking up a nail polish too, right, because I could then justify another blue pastel shade..

And that’s when it occurred to me – since when did us shoppers become so dependent on a loyalty discount or offer in store ? I can understand the 3 for 2 when you need to haul some serious make-up because it’s cheaper, and even the 2 for £4 on Pukka Tea because that stuff is pricey, but why do we now end up spending 10 minutes in Boots justifying a purchase or saving, convincing ourselves to buy something else or something we don’t need because we really need those 50 extra points.
I should also point out at this time my total was £19.64, and with a ‘Spend £15’ and ‘Spend £20’ voucher to use, instead of spending another 0.33p and using my £20 to get 200 points, I opted for my £15 one instead.
Okay, maybe I am a little pissed off at that, but then it feels as though I’m buying into a fear of I NEED POINTS TO SURVIVE I MUST COLLECT THESE POINTS TO FEEL SATISFIED IN MY SPENDING OF MONEY ON THESE PRODUCTS.

That sh*t cray.

I can’t talk really, I’m a money hoarder and I’ve been trying to convince myself to buy/not buy the Collection concealer for months, and I would usually love to get as much as I can for (and off) my money as possible but I just got thinking, why am I being made to feel I have to buy more things I don’t need, or spend to get what I believe is valuable to me and my customer loyalty to justify spending ?
Beauty bloggers, I hear you, these deals and points matter and if I was a serious frequent make-up buyer I’d have rushed back to Maybelline and bought 2 Colour Show nail polishes to get my 3 for 2 plus 200 bonus points – don’t forget your Double Points Booster too gals !

I also recently opened a Space NK N-centives card, another point system card which gives me £5 off a purchase when I hit £100 spent in store or online. Not hard to achieve but still. But look into my purse and you’ll find various loyalty cards; Handmade Burger Co., La Tasca, Boost Juice, Celley’s Hair… the latter the only one I frequent for my hair needs and which will be very well rewarded on my tenth visit, however I’ve never visited the former more than twice and it’s unlikely I’ll go in the future, but I’ll keep a hold of the cards – just in case right ?
It’s mental, it’s so easy to pick up a card now for any business – Nectar Points, Tesco Clubcard, Sephora membership, Starbucks – pretty soon we’ll all be featuring on The Hoarder Next Door for purses filled to the brim with plastic and paper cards we never use but keep for future meals out we are yet to go for.

With all this said, I love a deal on blueberries in the supermarket – more for my yog – or a triple magazine pack with Elle and Vogue inside – heaven bestowed a blessing that day. Sometimes you can make a real saving, but there’s a line between saving a few pounds and feeling drawn into paying more money for more things we don’t need for loyalty incentives that take time to accumulate so we can feed a business.
Do I regret not paying 33p for an extra 50 points ? A bit, but I don’t want my life to be ruled by point system, I’d much rather pay for what I want right now and be happy in the knowledge I got what I wanted without feeling constantly revolved around seasonal incentives. Or maybe two dinners for the price of one, that’s a real incentive you can’t turn down.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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