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Time for some more HWW posts, and one that leads on nicely from last week’s. Exercise and healthy living are one of the most talked about combos that everyone goes on about in the media, at school or between pals over a cake, “I should really exercise, but first, cake.” Ya dig ?

Everyone comes to their routine their own way, and this is mine and what I (try) to do on a regular basis !

PE has haunting, terrible memories for me. Since I was in Primary School, I would get my mum to write me a note so I could skip the class for whatever reason. I didn’t enjoy competitive sports, being outdoors in the rain, being in pain or out of breath. Hockey didn’t inspire me, rounders didn’t inspire me, why run around and be tired when I can braid things ?

Obviously moving up in school it got harder to miss out but easier to whine as everyone hated the lessons too, unless they played sports which in that case made them the sworn enemy.

In Secondary/High School, PE was compulsory 3-4 times a week (the horror) and we were split into ‘levels of fitness’ – 1 being the highest and 4 being the ‘we’re going to make you feel awful for not being active’ level. Many years passed of being made to play netball in the rain, running back and forth, pulling muscles and actively (excuse the pun) not enjoying myself. To me, it was an hour of my life where I got sweaty and tired before having to put all my days clothes back on again to sit around in – gross. Summer and really rainy days were okay; in the summer we played rounders or tennis which were unsupervised so you could be as awful as you liked and you got a tan and goss for an hour, or we played bench-ball which was nice and warm indoors but you had to play the scary sports girls and they would hit you with the ball so that cancelled out all my skills.

I have made this sound like some sort of dictatorship, but at the time this was the worst thing in my life. I was made to feel bad for not wanting to be physical – maybe now it does look bad but at the time I wasn’t awful it just wasn’t my thing – and I was pressured into being involved in sports when I really didn’t want to – don’t ever make someone become involved in something they don’t want to do, because it will come back and bite you and you’re making someone else’s problem your own. You need Triple Jumpers for sports day ? Well sorry Sir I’m not a sporty kinda girl and I wont give you much in points so you’ll have to go coax someone else – this is how I wish the conversation had gone, I ended up doing 3 or 4 years of Triple Jump out of people pleasing guilt.

Sixth Form is where I started my exercise interests – it was no longer compulsory for the 4 hours of PE, just the one hour session most Wednesdays which in Year 12 gave the option of off-site activity i.e. if you were a gym member you could go to the gym. Or if you were a smart kid, you’d leave school early and go home. I opted for Yoga.

I did two terms of Yoga and I became really flexible, it’s so much easier having someone pull and push you into positions, and I became a little teachers pet thanks to my mum’s training and being one of a few to carry on the lessons for another term. Most people thought it would be a cop out but it really made me bendy and stretched out which I loved. Low intensity was for me !

In 2011 I started being more conscious of my abs and tummy through pictures I came across on Tumblr, wanting that flat stomach that ‘was so perfect’ and I’d be doing crunches all day and waist whittlers all night. It worked my waist but my abs were yet to rear, little did I know my diet of occasional pizza and drinking was the cause of my bloated belly.

I started doing Tiffany Rothe workouts during 2012 as they were quite easy and fun, only ten minutes at a time and I would repeat throughout the day. At one point I was working out every hour and I did tighten up a bit but it wasn’t exactly a good lifestyle as I was barely eating substantial meals.

So on we go in the quest.

Blogilates came to light through Eleanor Calder, and my god the Call Me Maybe squat challenge was so hard I couldn’t walk for four days. Cassey Ho killed me. But the routines were even shorter, harder, more direct, so I began to mix it up.

My nan gave me her small trampoline before I started college and I started a routine of 6:30-7am Yoga and Tiffany Rothe workouts, 4pm-5:30pm Bouncing on the trampoline, Blogilates and TRW. I was very forceful in making sure I did my workouts every day, and I didn’t see much difference but my friends said ‘oh you look toned’ Yeah, toned great but where are my size 8 jeans – my constant thought pattern.

It was always my stomach and legs that were what I was trying to ‘fix’ and I’m still learning now how to love and sculpt them. Changing my diet has really done me the world of good as I’m more aware of what helps de-bloat my stomach, clean out my digestion and provides me with the nutrients. Before I went to America last year I really kicked up my routine to what I think is an unrealistic level, I can’t live like that every day because it wasn’t a ‘yes I love every minute of this workout’ more of ‘I need to do loads to get fit and lose weight’ so no, don’t ever take that approach.

I was doing CMM squats 4 times a day – that’s over 1000 squats ! – Clarity and Inner Thighs also 4 times, Tiffany Rothe 2-3 times, trampolining, push-ups and more. I never saw much change apart from a picture of my legs in Vegas which looked sculpted but this was the time of the thigh gap coming to light and everyone wanted their thighs to be continents apart. 

I can say this all with jest now because I have now overcome the issues I had with my body after 3 years of being in this mind-frame and even though my work is still influenced by it it’s in a manner of reflecting the time I lived through.

But anyway, I never saw change because I wasn’t focused on a healthy mind and I was always thinking negatively. I wasn’t allowing myself to change. I slowly started doing more low-intensity, twenty minute routines to make sure I was staying active until I was ready to want to be strong and healthy, which in the past two months I have. I have started back on yoga, Tiffany Rothe and am in the midst of the Blogilates Beginners Calendar so I can build myself up instead of jumping in and complaining it’s too hard before quitting again. It frustrates me a little that it doesn’t seem like a ‘hard-core workout’ but you have to start somewhere you are comfortable.

Typical Day

Yoga 10 mins, Tiffany Rothe 30-40 mins, Blogilates 5 mins. Extra Cardio or targeted moves are 10-15 mins. I spread this throughout the day so I don’t feel ‘uhhhhh an hourrr reaaaallly’ but now with the calendar it’s about 20 mins of Blogilates and extra stretching and TRW if I feel I need the push.

You have to want to change your body for a good cause i.e. healthy lifestyle and strength not because someone wants you to be thin. It’s not a safe way to workout and it makes you emotionally exhausted.

Exercise can be fun and you can fit it in during the day (I should take this advice really) These links are really great ways to get started and have fun, and what’s better is you don’t need equipment and you will  feel it !

Tiffany Rothe 1 2 3 Blogilates 1 2 3 Tara Stiles Yoga 1 2 3

Before I go I also want to mention that COMPANY Magazine has just opened its Style Blogger Awards for this year and I’d LOVE it if you would nominated me for Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer !! Click the link here to nominate, and get your friends and fam in on it too !

Lots of Love to you all, and I hope you enjoyed this post,

Lauren x

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