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People often ask me “What do you eat for dinner ?”, “How are your meals exciting ?” Well, if you have the mindset to eat vegetables all day everyday – basically me, it turns out I get about 10+ portions of fruit and veg everyday, vegetables mainly – it can seem that you would run out of meals quickly, but if you’ve read my other meal recipes you can see it’s easy to make ‘regular’ meals healthily and with substitutes whilst still being yummy yummy.

Opting out of white carbs and unhealthy carb products – chips, bread, mash etc – I was beginning to miss the idea of chips with dinner, plus my mum was dying for some sort of carbs with dinner. I’d seen recipes for roasted veg chips before but when I finally got round to it, I was so delighted with how they turned out and tasted I’ve basically had them every night ! Every night !


Sweet Potatoes / Carrots / Kale / Coconut Oil / Choice of herbs + spices – Rosemary, Cayenne, Mustard etc.

This recipe makes enough for two people or leftovers for another meal – which is what I do and I enjoy finding secret chips when I open the oven in hunger.

 1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Line a baking tray with foil and add under a tablespoon of oil, allow to melt. Wash and chop the ends off the veg. Half and half again all the veg into long strips – not too thin or they’ll burn too easily and quickly.

2. Remove the tray and add your spices. Swish about, and add the veg to the tray. Make sure to cover all the veg in oil and seasoning so get those hands in ! Add to the oven for 35 mins on the middle shelf.

3. When your 35 minutes has finished, add another 10 minutes, turn the heat to 230C and prepare your Kale. Take a second tray and spread out some kale. You can add oil but I sometimes finds it makes the kale lose it’s crisp crunch. Season and put in the oven. Switch your chips to the top shelf and place the kale on the middle shelf to prevent too much burning. Turn the heat back to 200C after 5 minutes.

4. When they look good and crispy, remove from the oven and serve. You can leave the chips longer if you want real crispy chips – these are delicious, but roasted and crunchy are so good too.

This is a perfect after-school or work meal, and even though it takes an hour and you’re thinking ‘I’m dying for food by the time I get home I need fast !’, simply prepare this the night before or in the morning with spare time – chopping the veg and leaving a lump of oil and spice altogether in the tray – and see if your oven has a setting to switch on at a specific time and to cook for an hour, finishing before or just as you get home.
You’ll love coming home to some great home-cooked food and be truly satisfied. If cooking this way, I suggest leaving the temperature on 200C and the middle shelf, and only do the Kale when your home.

I love having chips with my dinner as it’s a great way to get filling healthy carbs into meals, and make dinnertime more exciting now at home – mum likes hers with honey and mustard, yummers !

What’s your favourite dinner or part of a meal ? Have you tried vegetable chips ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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