Helloo everyone !

I told you to be prepared, are you ready ? Can you feel yourself begin to lick the screen ? If not now, you will soon.

This is the cake I made for my birthday and oohhhhhh man, it was a killer hit. Everyone loved it, it was devoured so quickly and there’s no raw ingredients like eggs or such so you can just eat it from the bowl (result)

Ingredients :

170g Rice Flour

3 Tbsp Soya Yogurt

125g Dark Chocolate (75% or higher)

125g Dark Muscavado Sugar

60g Agave Nectar

80g Caster Sugar

(you are free to radically reduce the sugar in this, as the ganache is sweet enough !)

15g Cocoa Powder (High Cocoa Content only please !!)

75ml Nut Milk

1/2 Tsp Lemon Juice

200g Soya Butter

1 Tsp Xanthem Gum

1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Tsp Baking Soda

Ganache Icing

150g Icing Sugar

200g Soya Butter

75g Melted Dark Chocolate

80-90g Coconut Cream

50g Cocoa Powder

1. Grease and line two deep circle tins with baking parchment. Pre-heat the oven to 160C.

2. Weigh out the butter and break the chocolate into tiny pieces in the same bowl. Heat either in the bowl over a saucepan of water or in the microwave for under 2 minutes until just melted.

3. Weigh out the sugar and break up any of the lumpy bit with your fingers so it is as smooth as can be ! Add the flour and other dry ingredients, combining with a fork.

4. Now to make buttermilk ! Simply measure the milk and add the lemon juice, whisking until it looks curdled as below. Add the yogurt and then stir into the dry mix.

5. Add the melted chocolate a bit at a time, combining by hand at first until all is added and then whisk whisk whisk !! Oh god it looks so good…. 

6. Decant into the two tins as equally as possible as you will be halving one if not both the cakes when cooled. Bake for 70-75 minutes ! (time for some SATC)

7. Once a knife has come out clean, remove from the oven and discard the paper, allowing to cool for a hour or overnight (much better to prepare your cake the day before, and store it in an airtight container)

10. Now for ganache. I apologise for the lack of pictures as I was icing this on my birthday for the party and was too focused to get the cake finished to snap away. The instructions are simple enough however and you can get the jist of how I iced it.

Melt your chocolate and half the butter in the microwave. As it melts, sift your measured icing sugar and cocoa into a bowl with the remaining butter and coconut cream. Remove the melted ganache and allow to cool slightly, and whisk your icing sugar and ingredients together. Gradually add the melted chocolate and whisk slowly, making sure it is combined and not too wet. If it’s too wet do not worry it will harden (and taste like fudge oh god yummy), but if you feel it’s the right consistency and have left over ganache, use it for later.

11. Take your cooled cakes and slice. If you have one cake larger than the other, just slice this one as you want sturdy layers to hold the cream, not lots of thin ones. If it’s not particularly thick after the bake, skip the cutting.

12.  Take your thickest or the cake with a level bottom and place on your serving plate. Dollop and spread some of the buttercream ganache across to the edges and around. Take another layer of cake (flat-side onto the ganache) and then add more buttercream ganache filling. Repeat this for as many layers as you have. The less layers, the more ganache between the cakes, and don’t forget to save some for covering.

13. When your cake is assembled, take the remaining uncombined ganache and buttercream, spreading across the top. Slowly add some dollops to the sides, let it drip down and, using a palette knife or spoon, start to cover and smooth down a ganache surface around the whole cake. You want it to look like a solid piece of chocolate cake, no visible layers until it’s cut into. Keep adding and swirling until happy.

14. When complete, you may have a really messy base so take a paper towel and do as the fancy chefs do – wipe it up in a pressured sweep, turning the plate to clean the edges. Lick the excess off for yourself.

AND DONE ! The amazing cake is complete. Serve to your friends and fam in wonder.

We didn’t tell the party guests until they’d eaten a slice that there was no dairy, wheat or ‘regular’ ingredients in the cake and everyone was amazed, even our meat-eating ‘don’t be fussy’ friends were converted to this cake.

This will be my official cake to make when I’m a mum, you know, when you ask your mum to make that special cake that always tastes so good ? This will be that cake for my fam and we will just eat it from the bowl. Or maybe i’ll make a batch of two, eat one uncoooked and bake another. Too good.

Let me know if you try this, and what is your favourite cake to eat or to have for an occasion ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x


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