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Well this week’s schedule went out the window didn’t it ? I have a good excuse, I’ve been off out here there and everywhere and had no time to photograph posts as when I stop I crash and stuff myself with vegetable chips.


A HAUL ! I finally got everything together from my birthday presents to purchases in the past two months and have a few words to say about certain products. It is also a very beauty heavy post, as when your wardrobe is full, one must stock up on the Space NK.

 Paris + Sephora

No I haven’t secretly escaped to Paris (although I wish), but my lovely friend Ellie picked me up some French pressies for my birthday from Sephora and a lovely little bookstore on her trip to the City of Chic.

I am yet to try each of the body creams, but the scents sound divine – Mango, Cotton, Coconut and Peony. I will be lathering up shortly to inform you.

The book is also so cute and is actually a really long read ! Going into deep detail about each aspect of accessorizing, styling and accents, this is a real game-changer for my lookbook posts.

Purse + Pores

I have been in dire need of a new purse for ages, my last one was a bit worn, grubby and frankly no longer me. TK Maxx was lacking in dream items for ages until I finally found this beauty, reduced from £80 to £17 – bargain. It’s also a really lush colour and manages to hold all my loyalty cards which is a mammoth task to be honest.

Una Brennan is a brand I see on a lot of blogs that I read, many rave her cleansing products so when I found this for £4.99 I thought I’d be mad not to try it out. I had needed a good proper primer and wanted to help sort out that nose-pore-situation, and mattifying my skin is something I just love, however I found this gave me a bit of a breakout to start with which just made me furious and having to do face masks to clear my skin back up. I’m sure with time this product will be accepted by my skin, but I’m in no rush currently to use it again.

Vouchers on Vouchers

I like vouchers for presents, it means I get to buy what I really want from places I really like. After years of M&S gift sets, perfumes I’d never ever wear and things I’d never even touch with a bargepole, I’ve finally got it straight with the fam that I want vouchers, and I want them from these places only. It’s been a slug but we’re getting there. This year I got two vouchers for my fave beauty buying places, and am excited to buy some must-haves. I’m sure the debs voucher will go on either Elemis or Clarins, but the Space NK has been a slight godsend in trying products without paying, which is where we go to next…

Concealer Problems

I, like nearly everyone else, want to try NARS’ Creamy Concealer. It’s the must have, the best texture, the best thing ever in your life. However it was out of stock until last week which was not good for an impatient gal like me, and after popping back in (for a third time) I came to the conclusion that Vanilla was actually the wrong shade for me (too pink) and that I needed something else. Now I’m not a regular concealer user, it’s mainly for my eyes and the odd bit of red but I don’t want something that won’t do the job. I was shown the By Terry Touch Expert Concealer and it was a lovely lightweight finish, and looked very brightening.

When I got home I had the sinking feeling I’d made the wrong choice – not fab after spending £32 of my voucher on it – and I found the clicking applicator a pain. For this amount of money, I feel as though I’m using up the product quickly and not getting my money’s worth, yet the coverage is quite good on the eyes and my red areas but maybe not so much on the odd blemish.

I would like to buy Chantilly Creamy Concealer to compare – and with a voucher it’s not really denting my balance that much, win win for vouchers ! – as I feel I can’t be 100% satisfied with the purchase until I get the thing I actually wanted in the first place.

Hair Miracles

Have you ever been in love with a shampoo and conditioner you could wash your hair all day every

day? This, for me, is love.

Menthol smells are my fave, and even after discovering co-washing to moisturise my hair I am looking to detox my scalp from the daily – and nightly – grime. The first time I used this I spent a good 40 minutes after washing going up to my mum saying “oh my god, my hair smells amazing !” and “oh my god my scalp is so tingly !” It’s seriously an amazing product and I paid half-price for both which was a great steal, but I’d buy it full price because it’s that darn good.

Where We Are

You all know I’m a fangirl, and obviously I’m going to see the boys on their tour, so when the tickets finally arrived I was part-squealing and part-thinking ‘these thickets are the size of my head’ – they really are huge.

My friend Lauren also got me this fab t-shirt from Primark for my birthday, it’s already a staple to my comfy wardrobe and it could be worn out as it’s a cool design – except it’s probably not acceptable and people will give me ‘the look’ so in the house they remain until Wembley.

The Classics

Everyone who is anyone who is a beauty addict has these babies in their make-up drawer, so I won’t go on too long. The Naked 1 Palette was another gift and it’s basically knocked my MAC Pro-Palette off the radar when it comes to daily smokey eyes. I love the range of colours, they are all perfect for my skin-tone and there’s endless combinations to try.

The Real Techniques brushes are the softest and most durable ones I’ve tried, and have been a blessing to blending my bronzer and eye-shadow. I don’t use the foundation brush as I love my MAC brush for that however in comparison to fibres I prefer the RT finish to MAC’s. Finally everything is soft and pretty in my routine.

I’m going to be doing some in-depth reviews of some of the products in the coming weeks, plus more HWW posts and some extra trials of new subjects and a few returning posts so keep your eyes peeled here 😉

Don’t forget to nominate my blog below, and have a lovely weekend !

Lots of Love,

Lauren x


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