Hellooo everyone !

Spring is officially here (what a cliche opening) and I’m dying to get outside more and into some lovely shorts and dresses to spruce up my wardrobe more. I love to feel comfy, casual and light in spring, playing with florals, pink colours and lighter denims.

This lookbook shows you how to wear one lovely coral bodycon skirt three very different ways – again I think What Olivia Did and SheWearsFashion have crept into my wardrobe, maybe some LLYMLRS who knows ? Fashion is all about taking bits of inspiration and making it your own with what you like.

Enough of the rambling; let’s get down to business.

Outfit One

Hat – Las Vegas Gift Store | Shirt – Thrifted | Skirt – Topshop | Pumps – Topshop

Sporty casual, great for a relaxed day exploring and in the heat. The cap gives you that chilled out vibe with a bit of an edge, and the shirt adds that bit of classic substance whilst matching the white shoes. Understated and reminds me of the cool vibe of California.

Outfit Two.

Hat – Urban Outfitters | Glasses – Ray Ban | Denim Jacket – New Look | Striped Top – H&M

You could easily roam around Paris, Rome or London in this outfit; very classy and well styled, classic pieces all refreshed for spring. A fedora is very on trend and chic, and shows that you’ve put effort in whilst staying that bit comfortable. One for the ladies who tourist.

Outfit Three.

Cardigan – Thrifted | Top – Topshop | Bag – Fiorelli at TK Maxx

Perfect for a date day or night, girly and pretty is the basis here. Hopping around leafy areas and looking at art, you could trade your pumps for little heels and feel very feminine and ‘Miss Dior’. Pass me the pastels asap.

I love all three of these looks as they are all so different (evidently). I do enjoy wearing a cap but find it’s more acceptable in the summer, and in another country as people like me always seem to get a ‘look’ for attempting to pull it off. The middle would probably be my most worn, a second hat may been in need as this one tried to blow away many times during shooting – hmmmm you.

Spring is such a lovely time, and I think we speed through it too quick to get to summer. The flowers bloom and we can wear little dresses and think of all cute things, all of which I never used to do but now I want to go for picnics in the park and drink coffee outside (maybe a peppermint tea for me).

What are your go-to pieces for this spring or the season ? Would you wear these looks too ?

Lots of Love, 

Lauren x


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