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We’re mixing it up here at Britton Loves, throwing you some extra Beauty + Fashion posts outside your regular Friday slot – let’s get rebellious.

As you all know, blue is possibly my favourite colour and tone. Cool toned make-up and clothes suit my skin best and I love how clean and brightening the shades can be, so when it came to some fancy nails the other day, I couldn’t help but pick up all my blue polishes.

Clockwise from Top Left – Rimmel Pro in 431 Stormy Skies; W7 in 93 Blue Mirror; Rimmel Lasting Finish in 704 Sweet As Sugar; Rimmel 60 Seconds in 840 Blue Eyed Girl; Maybelline Colour Show in 288 Cool Touch.

Naturally I have an unhealthy obsession with nail varnish, always heading to the Rimmel and Maybelline counters and lusting over the new shades and then repeatedly chanting “you don’t need any more nail varnish, you don’t need…” my subconscious usually wins unless I really need that shade and have had a massive clear out, and that it will bring rainbows and sunshine to my life to have it. You know the one.

All the shades selected compliment their palette, working seamlessly together without one tone being too focal which is an annoying trait I sometimes find when mismatching your nails. Painting them irregularly on the other hand also mixes up the tones a bit more and makes your nails look even more exciting – definitely the nail art of the unsteady handed.

The blues are also perfect for the upcoming season in which blue is a massive focus, so use your paler and more cool pastels now and introduce the navy and deeper blue tones as it arrives into autumn.

I would love to try this with green colours but that means buying more polish – oh no first world pains – but reds and pinks will work wonderfully with this also, as will set collections of pastels and neons. A win win for all those daring.

What do you like to wear on your nails ? Any fave shades ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x


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