Helloo everyone !

As you may have seen yesterday I announced that this blog has been nominated for ‘Blog of the Month’ by StyleFruits – woohoo ! – so I wanted to do a blog post more in depth about it all 🙂

As you can see the lovely people who run StyleFruits have written a great piece on my blog which has made me so happy !

The nomination is run under their blog called InsiderFruits, who every month seek out five new and upcoming blogs to feature that show individual and charismatic postings.

They state that ‘the idea behind this is to provide an overview for high quality blogs with great postings that deserve special mention but may not be as well-known as they should be’, which is a really lovely to hear from someone about your work.

The voting lasts for a month until the end of March, which is my birthday if you hadn’t already guessed, so as a present from all of you who support and comment here it would mean the world if you voted for my blog. You can vote once a day every day and it would be a great step-up in my working being acknowledged more 🙂

links to StyleFruits : StyleFruits | InsideFruits | Vote Here !

* This post has not been sponsored by StyleFruits and are all my opinions and thoughts on their service.

It is also my 100th post now, and I’m so amazed we’ve got this far. I’ve loved writing every single post and even more so, reading your feedback. You are fantastic and I hope this blog continues to grow more and more each day.

Let me know if you’ve voted below !

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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