Helloo everyone !

I cannot believe it is March already, time has flown and it’s just under four weeks until my birthday – turning the big 2-0 goodness me.

Time for some fashion inspiration, and this week street style and street-style blogs have been creeping into my wardrobe and throwing amazing outfit ideas at me. From NYFW all up to PFW, here’s my faves.

Vogue and Elle Magazine have been on hand all season to capture the best looks from bloggers to Editors-at-large, varying in colours, patterns, extravagant to simple.

What I Am Inspired By

– Use of colours; I usually stick to a palette of three colours, one being a neutral tone to balance out the other colours. If I’m wearing mainly neutral, one stand-out colour makes it pop.

The street styles that mix up their textures and colour tones instantly catch my eye, using prints to incorporate movement and even selecting two bold statement pieces to blend well together.

– Simplicity; sometimes it’s the simple and refined that works best, others it’s the simple statement piece that brings the elements together. Black and white always works, but mixing it up with checks, layers and movement reinvents the monochrome look. 

– Cuts and colours I would wear; the most crucial thing for me with street style is ‘would I wear this ?’ and I know I will is when I see it I immediately want to wear something like that. An all blue outfit with skinny bottoms ? That’s mine. Leather dress – I’ll take that. Bold jumpers and platforms – drooling.

Fashion is about playing around and expressing what you love, and street style is a great way of re-inventing what the designers create. Each individual will wear a piece differently and sometimes it reflects into your own style. Take note of trends yes, but don’t fully conform unless you know it will suit you.

Street style is one big ‘this suits me’ and one of the main ways to see how pieces work in real-life. Work out what suits and inspires you, and create your own look that will be so amazing you’ll be the next blogger captured at fashion Week.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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