Hellooo everyone !

It’s that time of month again to look back at what I’ve loved most, maybe to an obsessive level !

Fashion and beauty has been major for February, with LFW and indulging in new products I have been treated, pampered and excited by everything I’ve seen so far.

Fashion + Beauty

1. Burberry Prorsum

I know, I know, it’s Burberry yet again. But you can’t deny the genius of this collection – free flowing yet restrained, delicate floral and oriental design with heavy duty wool blends. Ugh someone buy me a personalised poncho asap !

2. La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo +
This cult product made its way into my routine this month and it’s really done some wonders. My cheeks have cleared up and it’s done a fab job of unclogging the dirt. I will admit I’ve still had some breakouts but changes in diet and new products always cause this but La Roche-Posay has done a great job at healing up my skin and redness. A worthy investment.

3. Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balms
Another must-have product, these balms have been a revolution to my lipstick wearing obsession. Pigmented, great staying power, long-lasting, matte yet easy application – can I have a balm in every shade under the sun ?

4. Printed Scarf
I’ve never been a proper scarf wearer, in that I have one woolly scarf for winter and then I don’t bother the rest of the year. I picked up this gorgeous scarf in my last haul and I’m wearing it every day, even in the house because it’s so pretty and soft.

5. Maybelline Colour Show

I am so impressed with this nail polish. It’s lasted over a week without chipping ! The colour 288 Cool Touch is fantastic so I don’t want to change it anytime soon, but next time I’m in Boots I will be stocking up.

TV + Film + Music

1. House of Cards

THIS IS MY NEW OBSESSION. If you follow me on Twitter you will see the odd ‘watching House of Cards now/later/the rest of my life’ tweet, even the main ‘WHY DID I READ THAT SPOILER ?!’ nothing more heartbreaking than a spoiler, and I’m someone who reads ahead so this goes to show that I love this show.
Political thrillers are an odd interest of mine, I love working things out and I love Kevin Spacey. Ok, there I said it. I have a crush on Kevin Spacey, he’s just so god-damn good at acting in everything and when he’s ruthless in this (and Horrible Bosses) it makes me *heart eyes emoji*
Robin Wright is fantastic as Claire Underwood, she looks so good and is so sharp, her and Frank are my new fave couple. Not that I want mine or America’s political figures to kill their way to the top.

2. The Taste
Nigella is just a goddess in the kitchen, so I’ve been a regular catch-up watcher of her new show on 4oD. Even though Nigella is one of my faves, I am definitely Ludo Lefebvre in the kitchen – cue shouting.

I always listen to an album but only the released songs and ignore the rest. Leaving my Spotify to play the full ARTPOP album led me to loving the beat of MANiCURE, it’s such a great dancing, shaking tune. On repeat.

4. Dark Horse
Also on repeat is K-Perry’s new tune, which I only listened to when she played the BRIT’s. The beat is so addictive, I want to just wrap myself up in that. A definite karaoke choice – if I went to karaoke.

5. Youtube Rewind Remix
I’ve loved this video for so long, but the remix by DJ Earworm has been in my head again recently, so Youtube if you’re getting lots of plays on the rewind, it’s me listening to the Harlem Shake/Macklemore mash-up.

Social Media

1. Meeting + talking to new people through my blog and twitter
Writing this blog has allowed me to connect to so many lovely and friendly people, and in particular I’ve made friends with a few of my fellow readers – Maeva, Kris, Gail, Rebecca, Jakob, Christina and Boonya – who I talk to regularly on here and on twitter. It’s been so nice to read your blogs and have you support mine, you’re all lovely people and I hope we get to meet one day ! I have to also mention Allison who was one of the first people to follow me here and all my other social networks, and has been a fab blog to get to know !

2. Vogue + Elle UK
The Bibles. Both the online edition – and my Vogue subscription – have been fashion saviours in keeping up-to-date with trends and how to style pieces into the changing months. The photography, perfect; the writing, very artistic and creative. Always on hand to keep you informed of the latest creatives, which leads to…

3. LFW Coverage
Thank the lord for Instagram and Vogue updates. You can’t be away from the internet for more than an hour or else you risk being so behind the shows (trust me I missed two days and it was hours of trawling) But the write-ups and pictures capturing the collections perfectly, allowing us fashion-mortal to see in detail what those key trends were to be next season. From Frowers to backstage insights, social media is helping us see everything as it happens, and keeping us two steps ahead of the seasons.

4. Launching People UK

This contest has been an amazing opportunity for me to enter – to allow my personal work and inspiration to be shared and possibly created alongside one of my favourite photographers. Although I may not have an army behind me, the support I have is immense and I can only hope things come from this entry. You can support my work via the link below.

5. icovetthee videos
I’m not always great at finding new blogs and vlogs to follow, I’m very stuck in my ways. If the layout and pieces are good, then I give it a go, but once I find an encapturing personality I’m a sucker to them.
Alix is one of my new youtube/blog converts this month; I always knew she was a big deal but when I watched her recent GRWM I was totally sold. Her voice is so welcoming and kind, plus her organised make-up collection AHH i’m in heaven.

1. COMPANY Magazine
February was my month, most definitely so far as I was finally published in COMPANY. As of Wednesday the issue won’t be on sale anymore, so if you haven’t got it, go get it and tell me what you think ! You can still get it online too. It’s been a great opportunity, and I’ve had some amazing feedback. it’s also help me determine that mainly I have to be happy for my success myself, and that what others think is secondary but even those who have supported me in buying it, showing their family etc. those are the ones who count.
2. Scrapbooking
So I have tumblr for personal tumblr fashion things, Pinterest for ‘I wish my kitchen was like this’, and now I’m scrapbooking all the influence I find from magazines. This helps me find influence for upcoming shoots, is easy to look back through without trawling 2 years of re-blogging and pins.
3. Meeting up with friends
It had been a while since I properly met up with my college friends so finding some time from work and blogging we all met up for adult coffee and tea, and it’s been lovely catching up. It’s good to keep face-to-face contact rather than 100% snapchat interaction.
4. Photoshoots
My recent photoshoot again reaffirmed my love of creating. When I really find a style or idea that sticks, I want to keep going for hours. Even the editing and uploading excites me. I will make sure I’m doing more every week and not get stuck for ideas.
5. Organising

Thanks to icovetthee I have become a MUJI beauty drawer convert – my mum is so proud. I picked up my first set on Oxford Street after thinking I’d buy something from TOPSHOP but that’s local to me and you don’t get to go to MUJI where I live. My drawers now look so super stylish and I have so much space, why didn’t I listen to my mother before ?

1. Steamed and Roasted Veg
As part of my vegan/clean eating lifestyle I’ve been eating more and more veg, switching up my meal sizes and what I make. Stir fries are good but too much oil – even if it’s coconut – can be a lot when eating fried food. Becoming more organised with meal plans means I can enjoy Chilli-Mustard Roasted Sweet Potato fries most evenings, steamed kale and beans, plus setting time aside to make Rosemary-infused Sweet Potato mash. Meal time is heaven.
2. Homemade Granola

I saw a recipe by Nikki from StaySharpBeStrong and it’s become my breakfast topping of choice. A simple oat recipe with great crunch and flavour, I will be sharing it soon !
3. Mojitos
Thanks to my evening at La Tasca, these bad boys are slowly creeping back into my life. I can’t wait for another meal out to have a drink, or three.
4. Pukka tea
I went off Detox tea for a while but now I’m really back into it. Great for a de-bloat and feeling clean, this combined with hot lemon water and peppermint tea sorts any cravings and detoxing that’s needed.
5. Savory Breakfasts
Sometimes eating sugar in the evening – even if yogurt or some fruit – makes me feel ‘sugared-up’ in the morning, or sometime I just want a change, so a savory breakfast is a great filling treat. Rye or a Wholemeal Blueberry and Nut bread with Avocado, Spinach and Roasted Chickpeas goes down a treat every time.

SO that’s my February Top 5 of 5 ! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little re-cap, and even got some inspiration from it.
Let me know your thoughts, and if there’s anything you’d like to see me try. Don’t forget to support my project below 🙂

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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