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Living in the Cotswolds, you are treated to many great pubs, restaurants and tearooms. Villages always have the best places to eat however this little local tearoom is almost an underground secret in my town, only being introduced to it last summer by my friend Amelia between photography errands for college.

Well Walks Tea Room is located on a back street by an old church, a tall old building that looks nothing special from the outside, but inside, well that’s another story.

Inside this little cafe is the most trinket filled, vintage decor you could ever imagine existing, packed with polka-dots, Victorian inspirations and old china you can purchase (if you have £200 on you spare after your cream tea).

On this occasion I took my friend Lauren for a good ol’catch up and some reasonable priced dining – it really is a bargain, this along with The Vine I am stuffing myself silly.

I see you gluten free, I see you being a great healthy eating friend.
We took some time deliberating what to eat, as one of the lovely owners talked to us about his new Canon 5D Mark iii which I was really jealous of. One day Lauren, one day.
Whilst I couldn’t decided between Lemon Cake and Cream Tea, the waitress told me “the scones have just come out the oven so they’re nice and warm” I am sold, cream tea it is.
just some of the cute china on sale.

Finally our food arrived and took up the whole table, elegantly presented and fresh from the oven ! Their cream tea is always so delicious here, and even though the scones weren’t the perfect shape, it made it even more special them being homemade.

We both shared scones with jam and cream, Lauren also having Coronation Chicken sandwiches and regular Tea whilst I sipped on a Three Ginger tea.

The shape made it awkward to layer up my scone, hence why five seconds after this picture half the cream ended back on the plate as I (unsuccessfully) tried to shove it in my mouth.

At £12 total for the both of us and full bellies, we had another quick chat about cameras and photography with the owner before heading off on our way to spend more money.

If you’re ever in Cheltenham I really recommend you come here but make sure you’re there early or after usual lunch time as sometimes you can’t even get a seat ! And quite rightly so, it’s amazing service.

I learnt that everyone who works here does so part-time and to help support their other careers – one of the main owners (who owned the camera) is in publishing and runs the tea room with his family which is really amazing. They provide an amazing service (yes I’ve said it twice, because it’s true !) without hiking up their prices to gain profit, more concerned with creating a homely and unique experience for all those who visit.

You can find more information on Well Walks here.

Do you have any favourite food haunts near you ? Have you visited Well Walks ?

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