Hellooo everyone !

What is this ? Sunshine ? Time to go outside…unless all your work is based indoors so in that case I’m going to just keep looking out the window. Internet life.

But it all honesty it’s been nice to have had some amount of sunshine even if it’s not too warm – I’m not going to be wearing flip flops and crop tops like I’ve seen some people do..please not yet.

Making full use of the sunnier weather, I am shooting a few of lookbooks to share with you including some birthday looks I hope to be wearing 🙂

But for now here is my first look – Spring Blues.

Dress – Topshop | White / Gold Top – Topshop | Scarf – Accessorize | Tights – TK Maxx | Satchel – Ebay | Heels – Cara | Rings – Topshop

Whilst I was making the rare appearance in the garden, my mum got me to have some pictures with flowers – although the first lot were of my own doing I thought it would make a good profile picture.

looking really unsure and uneasy holding this dripping plant pot – the last image was taken seconds before a massive bumblebee appeared and I shoved the pot at my mum shouting ‘I’M DONE’ I am not an insect person.

It’s nice to see my hair has got its length back now, hopefully I will be a mermaid soon or I’ll continue having octopus incidents like the last lookbook’s hair. Oh well.

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I’m having my first of four birthday meals (oh god that sounds awful but birthday means food for me !) tonight with my best lady Ellie, I’m cooking and having a catch-up as she’s been away at uni since January.

How are you spending your time in the warm weather wherever you are ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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