Hellooo everyone !

Friday again, these weekends have been rolling around so quick but that means warmer weather is coming !
I’ve finally introduced some pink and pastel into my wardrobe thanks to some cheeky spending at H&M last week – I haven’t bought new clothes in 6 months so it was allowed.

Jumper – H&M | Striped Top – H&M | Black Leggings – Urban Outfitters | Brogues – Miss Selfridge

I haven’t been able to get out of these H&M purchases, I love the cropped look and how versatile both tops are. I also bought a skirt which I will be featuring soon too – it’s leather and I’m in love.

These shoes have lasted me 4 years and are always a winner with spring. Totally comfy and a great piece for a simple outfit, makes me feel like an imp or elf wearing them about.

I also tried to do something with my hair now it’s growing more, I can just about do the milkmaid braids but when the loose pieces that didn’t plait blew in the wind I looked a bit like some sort of octopus devil which frankly isn’t the best look, but hey I gave it a go !

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Also, I’m obsessed with 5SOS ‘She Looks So Perfect’ at the moment I think I broke my replay button. I saw them on One Direction’s tour last year and they were so good, and this song is just amazing.

What is your favourite song right now ? Are you starting to get more into spring clothes ?

Lots of Love to you all,
Lauren x

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