Happy Sunday Funday everyoneee !

Now before Monday fever sets in, curl up on your sofa or bed with a nice hot drink and take a little quick read of my Style of the Week, before continuing with a great film or boxset catch-up 🙂

This week, oh well how typical would you look at that, it’s the Grammys !

I know nearly everyone has done everything about the best dressed but seriously there was some amazing outfits and displays that evening.

Where to even begin ?!

Now in the past I haven’t been a massive ‘Swifty’ fan however ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ keeps creeping back into my playlist… and then she went and wore that gorgeous Gucci dress and did the dad dancing and now I’m all confused. She looked amazing, that dress was perfect I would happily beg for it.

Iggy Azalea in Elie Saab, brilliant. She looked fantastic, it hugged her curves perfectly and looked very ‘pure’ whilst allowing the detailing and her striking features to do all the fierce talking for her. A*

I loved Rita Ora’s Lanvin dress, it looked really classy and sophisticated. Not one to being conventional, she pumped up her nails to the max with serious nail art and added that lovely smokey eye to make sure everyone knew how bad girl she really was.

Anna Kendrick in her Azzaro gown is another favourite of mine. The colour suited her so well and the cut-outs and slits make it all the more daring.

Finally, oh finally, Beyoncé. I cannot do this post, or any other post, without mentioning Beyoncé. Firstly her Michael Costello gown was so beautiful and I love lace so I was never going to say any different. After watching her ‘Drunk in Love’ performance I had suspected some weight loss but this outfit confirmed it and wow, she looks so good. I’m sad some of the bootylicious has gone but I love her and she always looks ‘Flawless’. Even with the whole outcry dramz blah blah about her performance I absolutely loved it. Yeah maybe it doesn’t fit with some views but she is a grown woman comfortable in her skin, embracing her female power and danced for her husband not any random man. I think she killed it.

You may have already voiced your opinions on what was the best, but who looked great to you at the awards ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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