Hello hello hello everyone !

Time for the second monthly round up, with a few of my favourites of January 🙂

Five areas, five things, let’s do this.

Fashion + Beauty

1. Chanel Haute Couture Show

I will not stop mentioning it. Trainers, sparkles, cool tones, tres chic.

2. Dresses with Trousers

Thanks to that outfit from E Watson, I have become a serious advocate for piecing these two together. Day or night, who cares it’s a bit of fun !

3. Beyoncé

My obsession will never end. Her body is amazing, make-up is flawless, and she is a true female champion.

4. 90’s Nails

I’ve loved the 90’s trend that’s been popping up slowly through fashion bloggers and magazines, even digging out my brown nail varnish and having a serious lip liner moment.

5. February UK Vogue Layout

I loved the use of space in this feature, and the clothes were just on point – gimmie ?


1. Beyoncé

It’s been on repeat, and you can’t judge me this album is perfect. The songs can uplift me one minute and make me think deeply the next.

2.  Taylor Swift

‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ has been creeping in slowly, it’s too pop boppy to resist and I always imagine singing it to a crowd. Bit of sugar in my life.

3. Haim

I got ‘Days Are Gone’ for Christmas and no other album can make me focus like this one. Perfect guitar skills and coolness from these sisters.
Style School

4. Lana Del Rey

The cover of ‘Once Upon A Dream’ is haunting and brilliant, I am so impressed and was blown away hearing the full version.

5. Lorde

Again, another Christmas present and this album is really well written. Lorde has great creativity and at a young age, she deserves her credit.

TV + Film

1. Sherlock

Series 3 came and went too fast. The opening sequence – perfection. Brilliant way to start the show, full of humour and relating to those fan-fictions…. Moriarty’s return is still my favourite moment.

2. Great British Bake Off Sports Relief

People who can’t bake trying to, hilarious. I have to say only Sue and Jo brand were my fave hosts, they had that on-point bit of humour.

3. 21 Jump Street

I watched this in bed on a lazy day with a big bowl of popcorn and it was as hilarious as ever ! “Stop f***ing with Korean Jesus he ain’t got time for yo’problems”

4. Mean Girls
Does this neeeed explaining ?

5. Life As We Know It
This film breaks me – child becomes orphan and the friend’s are devestated, then they fall in love; perfect combo.

Social Media
1. Tyler Oakley
This guy is amazing. He’s honest, hilarious and really down to earth. Recently there was some heated discussions between him and a said famous person, and how he handled it all was gracious and dignified. His ‘Fandom’ video that went out in the aftermath was on-point and positive, and whatever happens between him and his love of a certain band I hope it is resolved because 1) he apologised, 2) he has every right to be a fan and 3) he stood up for what was right and he shouldn’t be shamed by anyone fan, famous or ‘normal’.

2. Style Scrapbook
I love this blog. Andy’s style is amazing, it’s high-end with high-street, mixed to perfection and well presented. Her images are well taken and she’s really built a strong career for herself. A role model for bloggers like me.

3. Company Magazine
Retweeting my blog to 84,000 people ? And featuring me ? Thank you very much.

4. Sprinkle Of Glitter’s Motivational Mondays
These bring me a little joy every Monday when I log in. They always seem to match my thoughts and boost my mood, and Louise is doing so well herself that I’m motivated and proud of her.

5. The Londoner
I’ve followed Rosie for a while now, and my god her food is amazing. It’s 100% food porn that I want to rub in my face. Even where she eats out and visits is amazing, she is living the dream.

1. Blogging
This has been my first proper month of blogging religiously, and I have loved it. Interacting with new people and gaining positive comments has made me so happy, and I love how this gives me an incentive to push myself into new things.

2. Meditation
I’ve listened to meditations for a while but have recently got back into it. I tried listening to one at 10pm whilst replying to comments and was almost half asleep – oops.

3. VSCO Cam
A great bit of editing for my iPhone pics, I love the soft finish that makes it look all ‘cool’. Did I just say that ?

4. Pukka Tea
An avid fan for ages, I have moved on from Revitalise – so not to lose the Christmas feel – and back onto Detox which has been great with my new eating habits.

5. Babysitting
I help look after a little girl down my road, and she is adorable. I have loved watching her grow, she even tries to shout my name when I leave *heart breaks*

It was hard to find some monthlies – TV has been lacking apart from Sherlock – but I hope you enjoy this little look in and hope it has made you look into some new things too 🙂

Until tomorrow,
Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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