Hellooo Everyone !!

OOoh a haul, haven’t done one of those in a while ! That means some serious shopping has been done.

I am very excited.


I was in serious need of new products, I couldn’t even remember when I last bought mascara which is a telling sign that it’s probably old and disgusting. So with a deep breath I ended my non-spending ways and splurged hard in Boots.

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm, £7.99 – Top to Bottom – Sultry, Shameless, Audacious

You can tell I love these by the fact there’s four pictures making them look all fancy and pretty.

I have heard great reviews of these balms and if you haven’t where have you been ?! Revlon‘s new balms are a revolution for my lipstick wearing habits; a matte finish that glides on like silk, is well pigmented, smells so refreshing – that was a treat – and it lasts practically all day.

Well done Revlon.

I chose these three colours because I wear these most, and find re-applying them as lipsticks hard because I hate ruining my lipbalm with orange and wearing them alone dries my lips out.

Sultry is perfect day-wear, a 90’s nod I’d say that’s got just the right amount of brown to it. Translates easily to night, you could even use as a base for lippy, but why would you when the colour is gorgeous ?!

Shameless, my colour. I love purple. A deep gothic purple always makes me happy. And a vibrant purple makes me even happier. I would wear this everyday if I could also wear the other two at the same time.

Audacious is so punchy, I love that orange is big in the upcoming seasons. It’s a great alternative to pinks and reds and I think it’s much more summery, makes me feel like I’m back on a sun-lounger eating Whole Foods.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express £7.99, Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner £4.49

I will forever and always be a Maybelline mascara girl. Their whole Volum’ Express range works wonders on my lashes, making them even longer and fluttery than before.
This mascara is no exception. When I opened it I looked at the wand I was a bit ‘what is going on with this ?!’ however I was silenced when it beautifully defined my lashes and I felt like a pretty little doll.

Master Drama Liner, it actually is full of drama. I’m not joking. I was admiring the creamy consistency and how perfect the point was until I dropped it head first and the perfect point resembled more of a cow pat. Brilliant.
However I am not a regular eye-liner wearer so I’m not too distraught. I am used to eye-pens but apparently we don’t do pens anymore and kohl is too smudgy, liquid scares me so, here we go with the cream kohl hybrid.
You can smudge this, but in a nice way and it goes on well (when not shaped like a cow pat). The only question I have is how on earth to I sharpen this ?! – question now answered, you use a sharpener, but it looks too hard to sharpen. Oh well only time will tell.

Maybelline Colour Show in 288 Cool Touch £2.99, Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition £7.95

I got this nail varnish for ‘free’ on a buy 3 for 2 deal, and I am trying to curb an excessive nail colour hoarding obsession so, naturally I got this. I have been looking for more interesting neutrals to work into spring and this grey is a perfect light and bright tone. I’m wearing it right now and it has almost a light lavender hue t it. It’s love people.

I may have cried a little at the price of the Nail Nutrition, however my nails need the care so I made way with my money.
I have been using a nude colour as a base for a while as I was resisting buying more nail care, but that’s doing no good. I have used other products but they were either too goopy or didn’t fix the problem, however this product is a great consistency to layer up for protection, smells slightly of the bamboo and tea tree and is so far working well. I will have to update you.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + £10.85 (introductory price), Quick Fix Facials £2.99

I’d say here I am hopping on the bandwagon of La Roche-Posay, however this product is so amazing there should just be one massive sea-carrier dedicated to supplying us all with this dream spot fixer.
Applied after cleansing, the cream says it will unclogg pores, diminish red marks from past scars and make your skin better overall. Tested on acne prone skin, the proof is in the pudding really.
So far, this work so well. It’s helping prevent a clogged up face and has evened out my skintone – huzzah !
A full review when the month is up.

I have been dying for a face mask for ages now. Reading LLYMLRS and milkteef going on about great face masks makes me cry a bit because I have nothing to help my skin and treat myself with.
Then, I found this.
Cheap, a clay based product, and the right amount of thermal without seizing my face up. Score.
I have only used it once so far so I will let you know how we are getting along, so far it’s done wonders.

Percy+Reed Texturising Spray £4.99

Nope, not reading this wrong, it was most definitely £4.99. Thank you TK Maxx for bestowing this kindness to me.
Percy & Reed is such a good brand, I have their No-Oil Volumising Oil and it’s so light, perfect for my hair type. I used this on my hair before a day out and it did a great job at adding body and a rough texture to my waves, so thumbs up from me !


Red Print Scarf £7.99

I have been thinking about having a nice, sophisticated scarf so I hunted down – originally – a check scarf in TK Maxx. However I ended up picking five different scarves and not knowing what to do with myself.
In the end I was drawn to this one more. I’m not usually a red person but the colour, pattern and the softness of it made it champion even the blue scarves.
I’ve worn it once, and it’s perfect. It goes with everything. I am proud of my purchase, well done me.

Cynthia Rowley Night Set £12.99

I know that Cynthia Rowley is a nice brand, so when I saw this lovely soft, and lacy PJ set my subconscious was already determined we would be taking it to the checkout.

I love this style of pyjamas as opposed to my usual old Cyberman tee which is comfy but old. The colour is sophisticated, the fabric is soft, and it’s just that little bit grown up that I feel almost 20 (which I almost am ahh)

I also finally downloaded Beyonce’s album, can I get a hallelujah ? Now I can Yonce all day and night.

I hope you enjoyed this haul ! I would love to hear your thoughts, and what have you bought recently ?

Also, do you have any posts you’d like to see me try ? I love ideas.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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