Hellooo everyone !

As you all know my magazine feature officially came out on the 5th February in the UK and I am so pleased with the results – to see myself on paper in a magazine is so weird, I’m used to sketchbooks and computer screens but this is something to tick off my bucket list.

With all the updates now of where to buy it and uploading work, I thought it was about time for me to share my piece and where to find it (fully) with you lovely people.

 I feature on the front-page of the article and have kindly been given 2 double-page spreads for my work – Company you are too kind !

My features includes mainly my floral and pop-art based work from the shoot I originally produced for the competition, which was so fun to create as I ‘borrowed’ my mum’s dried hydrangeas to put in my hair – ultimately scratching my head and getting dead petals in my hair. 

so many versions of me here, it’s like inception !

As it’s been a period of time now since publication, I am now uploading the original series back to my flickr and website under ‘Company S/S 14’ so you can see the whole series in full, including my sheer and metallic inspired imaged which involved me sticking foil to my face with vaseline. mm greasy.

Where can I buy it ?

UK – supermarkets and newsagents until the 5th March for £2.60

Internationally – I am unsure but I have heard that Barnes and Noble stock it in America. it is available in Australia, Canada and Europe too.
You can buy a single issue online here for 4.90 Euros 

You can also digitally receive the magazine through your iPad and Kindle and the other platforms listed below !

ooh look it’s me again, on an iPad !

Again I just want to thank Company for featuring me amongst the other winners, it was a fantastic concept and has been a proud moment for me. And also to everyone here, twitter, instagram and other places who have said lovely things and support me too, lots of love to you all 🙂

I also want to take this opportunity to ask that you help me further with my photographic career by heading over to LaunchingPeopleUK and helping me launch my personal project by supporting it so that I get the amazing opportunity to work with one of my favourite photographers Rankin in making my personal dream a reality, to produce my own work for wider audiences to be inspired by. Share the link with your friends and family, the more support I have even if not the highest gives me the chance to be recognised by a hero and allow my work to continue growing.

Lots of Love to you all,

Lauren x

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