Helloo everyone !

This was supposed to go up Tuesday however more important things had to be announced 😉

Every few weeks I’ll be picking my fave pins off my Pinterest page (www.pinterest.com/LaurenShipleeey) and sharing them here, hopefully to give you some inspiration and to see what it is that I like 🙂

1. Toasted Kale and Pan-Fried Chickpea Salad – I love food, and I love Pinterest food as looks so darn good. This salad caught my eye as it has all the usual components of my salads but has taken it that step further with the fried chickpeas. I roasted my chickpeas for breakfast today and I won’t be looking back.

2. Small is Beautiful – I currently have a small room, but I love how the bed is the main use of space and it still feels really cosy. The exposed brick, I am in love ! Such a great feature to add character plus the tones of blue and white (like my room) reflecting the light make it feel bright and beachy.

3. Gap Pleated Heart Dress – how cute is this baby girl dress ?! I want to dress my friend up in this but I can tell it’s not her mum’s style, so I will have to refrain until I have my own. I want to buy it now and put it in a box ready for when the time comes. That might be too much…

4. Chanel Haute Couture 2014 – I loveee this outfit. Glitter and jogging bottom, is this my dream ? I love being in my pjs and casual clothes but always feel underdressed, but now thanks to Chanel I no longer will.

5. Calming Lighting // Cozy Bed – Food, Fashion and Home Decor are the main things I re-pin, and in bulk. I love this bedroom decor and atmosphere, it feel snuggly and warm, I would find this room a very inviting invitation. Probably my dream bedroom in one picture.

A naughty 6th picture – I know, I know, I said 5. But this picture is just drool worthy. After eating all my Double Chocolate Muffins, this is the next best thing for me until I bake again. The frosting is calling my name…

Follow me on Pinterest on the link below and by my picture, you won’t regret it unless you’re hungry and you see my food board, which in that case, I’m sorry.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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