Happy Sunday everyone !

Now I was thinking long and hard this week over who has been catching my eye in fashion and one name kept coming back to me after seeing that fabulous Golden Globes outfit. Emma Watson has truly solidified herself in my top ten of style influences and looking back over the years I can see why.

Effortlessly styled in Chanel to Burberry, Emma easily sheds her Hermione stigma to become a glamourous and sophisticated muse in fashion. She always appears ahead of trends – dress with trousers, hellooo ?! -and makes it look so darn good. Bold and brave, with a hint of English rose and that ever-so enchanting likability shared with Jennifer Lawrence, Emma is the all-round top icon for how to wear and be fashionable.

Favourite outfits include the Golden Globes dress-trouser combo, the black lace dress from the Harry Potter premiere, her white and black leather dress at Cannes, and her Perks premiere trouser combo. All effortless, all amazingly fitted to her.

Emma Watson, I salute you.

What is your fave Emma Watson outfit, included or not ?

Tuesday will be a double post, and I’m sooo excited….

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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