It’s time for our second ‘Style of the Week’ !

This week, I have been obsessed with SJP and SATC since watching the movies again over New Year, and Carrie Bradshaw in particular has been a big influence on how I’ve been dressing myself.

From wearing a lace slip over my jogging bottoms to evening wear mixed with boots, I have definitely taken a leaf out of this stylish lady’s book.

Carrie is not afraid to experiment with what she wears, and knows the importance of fashion and labels yet is carefree in breaking the rules.

Yes sometimes she gets it wrong, but when it’s right it is so right. Everyone makes a fashion mistake but that helps us define our style more as we grow.

I think more of us should take inspiration from Miss Bradshaw, as we only have this time now to create our appearance so why not wear a tutu and heels to town ? or maybe Louboutins to work with a clasing skirt-jumper mix ? the possibilites are endless !

What are your thoughts on Carrie Bradshaw’s style ? and do you have any SATC favourites ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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