Happy Sunday all 🙂

I’m hoping – if you’re in the UK – you are preparing yourself for the second episode of Sherlock this evening, and even if not, you can catch up now on my Style of the Week !

30th Dec – 5th Jan


I am a huuuggee Beyoncé fan. She looks great, she sings beyond perfection and has a real passion for female empowerment.

Her new album shows just how brilliant and creative she is, not only as part of a powerhouse couple with multi-million dollar success but at how successful she has become as an individual and woman. Leading the way for all young inspired girls, Beyoncé is the perfect role model; embracing her curves and shape has helped me love my body because she looks so god damn great and it makes me feel okay not to be making myself a size 6 again.

She looks fantastic, she sounds fantastic, her new album and alter-ego of ‘Yonce’ is just perfect (insert ‘ok’ emoji here) you can’t not love Beyoncé.

My favourite look has to be her outfit in ‘XO’ and ‘Drunk in Love’. And that outfit in ‘Flawless’ ?! all over that.

In honesty, Bey can make anything look good with that figure, and that’s why she’s my Style of the Week <3

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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