It’s time for another Foody Wednesday !

If you follow my Instagram you’ll see that I’ve been an advocate for Thai food recently, and it’s a delicious one at that. Our friend manages this pub and we started going recently with them to develop our ‘cultural tastebuds’ which is something we’ve done a lot with them – six months ago I couldn’t handle anything over a tikka, now I can have hot Tom Yum soup ! with extra chilli !

The Vine is situated just before the main high street in Cheltenham, and even though it is surrounded by many other pubs, only two of my friends actually know about it (one of whom I took with me).

The atmosphere inside is really relaxed and chilled, you can sit and have a drink and food whilst listening to a varied music playlist – from M83 to Duran Duran – which is such a nice change from Wetherspoons…

The Vine has a wide range on food on offer, and if you go between 5-7 on a weekday you get 1-course for £5 and 2-courses for £7.50 – BARGAIN. It is a set menu but I love everything on it luckily 🙂

This post is from when we went for my mum’s birthday, and we went late so just paid the normal price which isn’t that much different if you have veg (around £6.80 I think) with your curry.

Prawn Crackers – so delicious and only £2 !!

Thai Green Vegetable Curry w/ a mix of steamed and coconut rice
Sticky Rice with jam – the best thing ever.

I try to have something new every time I go and so far I’ve had : Yellow Curry with Chicken (Kaeng Kare), Kaeng Curry, Green Curry (Kaeng Kiew Wan), Pad Ped Gaprow Stirfry, Tom Yum Soup, Vegetable Spring Rolls (Poh Pia Tod Jay) and Sticky Rice.

All taste absolutely amazing, I cannot rave about this pub enough. In the past all my friends who didn’t want to spend money went to Pizza Express for a teeny pizza which they shared, and look what we were missing ! This is an affordable and tasty alternative to pizza chains, and every dish is made from local and reared produce so it’s organic and great tasting.

Links – The Vine, Menu, Special Offer Menu

What is your favourite cuisine, and if you’ve had Thai food before what do you recommend ?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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