Hi everyone,

Last week’s food post proved to be a major hit, hitting over 140+ views ! Amazing. I’m hoping to receive free thai food as result 😉 anyone ?

This week I tried a new winter-warmer, fill you to the brim recipe which I assure you is great tasting, flavourful and healthy !

(note this is very photo heavy)

Recipe: (serves 4)

1 Carton of Chopped Tomatoes (400g),

120g of Butter Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Chickpeas and Black Eye Beans

1-2 medium sized Onions (Red preferably but either is fine)

3/4 cup of Quinoa

2 Medium Carrots

Small-Medium bowl of Frozen Veg (this is what I used but if you are using fresh then you’ll need 1/2 a Red and Yellow Pepper, 1/2 a Courgette and 1/2 an Aubergine)

Two small handfuls of Kale

A small handful of Fine Green Beans

1 Red Chilli and 1 Bird Eye Green Chilli

Some Tumeric, Cayenne Pepper, Mild Chilli Flakes and Cumin powder

1/2 a stick of Cinnamon


Coconut Oil

Avocado and Coconut Cream

1. On a high heat, melt a tablespoon of coconut oil in a deep pan. As it melts, chop the onions into diced or sliced pieces.

2. Add the onions and turn to a medium heat so they don’t burn too quick and become nice and soft. Whilst you wait either – pour your frozen veg into a medium sized bowl with an equal mix of each veg and defrost for 3-4 mins – or – slice your veg into chunks and add to the onions. Then turn the heat up high again and pour in the chopped tomatoes.

3. Chop up the carrots into slices, halving some for texture, and add to the mix.

3. As this begins to boil, open and drain the cans of beans. If you have bought some full sized like me, decant half into an airtight box and use for a later date. Add the beans and stir to prevent sticking. You may also find there’s not enough liquid or too much – it doesn’t matter it will absorb. Add 2 cups of water at this stage to thin the mixture and to allow the carrots to boil.

5. Cut up your chillies into small pieces – de-seed if you wish – and add to the boiling mix. Careful not to touch your eyes ! Also add the half stick of cinnamon and your spices. It is up to you how much you add for flavour and heat but I added quite a bit and it wasn’t too spicy. At your own risk everyone !

6. When the chilli is boiling – and I mean splashing, burning hot – turn it down to Setting 2 or a low heat and allow to simmer for an hour. This allows everything to soften and the flavours to blend. Set a second timer for 30 minutes, as this is when you add the rest of the ingredients.

7. After 30 mins, come back to the pot and remove the cinnamon stick (i didn’t and i lost it oo-er). Add in the measured quinoa and stir through the liquid. If it’s thickened and you fear the quinoa won’t cook, just add more water. It will absorb trust me !

8. Rinse and cut your beans into small chunks and add to the pot, stirring them all in. Also add the kale and stir too.

9. Yummy yummy yummy how good does this look ?! Allow the chilli to simmer for a further 30 mins so the quinoa cooks and everything infuses. Add more spice to taste at this point if necessary.

10. It’s serving time !! Ladle two spoonfuls into a bowl and garnish with some slices of avocado. If you are cooking for a spice-virgin, add some coconut cream to tone it down in case they cry 🙂

And there you have it ! One lovely bowl of vegan + vegetarian chilli ! This is absolutely delicious and is great at filling you up, giving you proteins and nutrients that make you feel healthy and good.

I know this says serve 4 however..i ate one serving for lunch, and two for tea. oops. I was really hungry !

I hope you enjoy this recipe, if there’s anything you’d like to see then let me know 🙂

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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