Good morning everyone !

This is just a really quick post off schedule to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed and viewed my blog so far !

As of Sunday I hit 4000 page views which is quite amazing really. I can’t believe that many people have come to read all the stuff I write down – amazing.

I hope soon I can reach 5000, then 10,000 and beyond, and that what I write and produce develops and inspires you over time. I love running this blog, it is my little baby where I can be as creative as I like and it has pushed me into experimenting with fashion, beauty and cooking.

Also before I go, a little cheeky side note, there is going to be an announcement on this blog, my twitter and instagram (all of which are linked below) a week today. If you want to keep up-to-date on it all I would suggest you follow me on those places where you can hear more about it, and to check back in everywhere a week today for some great news !

Tomorrow is a recipe as scheduled and I hope you come back to read it, so until then,

Lots of Love to you all,

Lauren x

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