Good evening everyone, I can’t believe it’s December already ! I am so excited for Christmas – baking, giving present, eating loooaaads…
I’m putting up my tree tomorrow and have started to make my room more festive thanks to watching Zoella’s room inspiration; it’s now even more decked out with fairy lights, decorations and candles.
As I have been going on and on about having my room all festive, my mum surprised me this evening with a pre-christmas present treat to go in my new festive cove.

what could it be ?

So my mum bought these two matching seashell heart ornaments from Cox & Cox for us to hang at Christmas, saying “that we can both share this moment wherever we are in the future” *cries* it’s so sweet to receive this gift now as I’m getting to the stage of moving off and out into the world and that one day we may not be in the same house at Christmas 🙁

It is such a lovely gift and it’s taken pride of place above my desk for the rest of December.

Hope your December has started magically, and let me know if you have any favourite decorations or what you like to decorate with.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x 

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